Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Red Pyramid O,o

Yeah, so I've been reading the Red Pyramid, but the coolest author ever, Rick Riordan. I'm on page 360, and I started 2 days ago! It's completely got me hooked. Above, if that stinkin' link/copy/cut worked, you'll see a graph of the Egyptian Gods, which is what the Red Pyramid is based on. Oh, geez. Sorry for the short post and notice, but I gotta go to dinner now :P. Laterz!

EDIT: The copy didn't work, but I did manage to post a link. Copy and paste the into ya go-bar and BING!!!! There you go! * In background * Sr Blogger, " Jr Blogger get off the dang computer and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!" Geez dad!!! Bye :P

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feliz Belated Cinco de Mayo!!!

Hola Senors y Senoritas y Senoras,

Me llamo Chase. Today this post will be semi-Espanol/semi-English in honor of Cinco de Mayo! (May 5) On this historic day way back when, Mexico signed a treaty/won a battle. As a result, we have the holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Ajer, I went to an Espanol restaurant. Lol, it was insanely loud but FUN! Fish tacos RULE. Lol, since my teacher de espanol is from Columbia, she didn't know this holiday very well. She thought it was a holiday because all the Mexicans wanted to drink more Corona/Beer so they made up a random holiday!!! Not a bad idea, eh??? Lolz.


HOLA: Hello
SENORITA: Unmarried girls (The equivalent of Miss)
SENORA: Married girls (The equivalent of Mrs)
ME LLAMO: My name is ______.
ESPANOL: Spanish
FISH TACOS: Delicious food that you can't stop eating

On a completely different note, our dear friend Samuel Watercast, aka TAD, aka the Awesome Diviner, has been permanetly banned from W101. WOULD YOU BELIEVE THE INSANITY!?!??!?!?! He's such a nice guy! Whatever he did, he DEFINITELY did not deserve it. Let us rest our heads in a moment of peace for our departed friend: Samuel Watercaster. We'll remember you Sammy!!! *SOBS* *BAWLS* *CRIES* *SCREAMS*