Monday, April 26, 2010

The Next Generation

Sorry you haven't heard much from me lately. After deciding that I'd like to start a new blog, looking at WordPress,,, and pretty much all of that, I decided that I'd take WordPress. I mean PAGES, SWEET TEMPLATES, WHATS NOT TO LIKE? So, to land the plane, I made a new blog, (To land the plane is an inside joke among the My2cents family LOL) Dad I bet you're cracking up right now! Don't worry, I'm not done with My2cents. The real reason I made this blog was so I could blog about pretty much anything I felt I needed to get out of my system. But, over the course of my W101 career, it was converted to a W101 blog. I now feel the urge to write about my life again, and that is why I started My2Cents 2.0. Enjoy!!!

~Jr. Blogger

PS: If any of you WordPress users have any tips for me, they would be well appreciated. WordPress is DEFINITELY tough to manipulate LOL.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Power of Mother Earth !!


Hi everyone! This is long time absent SR Blogger. I have been thinking about the blog but unfortunately I have been extremely busy and have neglected all our loyal followers and occaisional readers! So sorry!

You can tell by viewing our "world map" that JR Blogger has readers of My2Cents in many different countries and parts of the world. That is so very exciting for JR and me because it allows us to feel connected to all of you in so many differnt places in the world.

Over the last week one thing we all have in common is our awarness of the great power which lies within our beautiful earth! It doesn't matter if you live in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia. North or South, East or West almost everyone on our planet was aware of the tremendous eruption of the volcano located on Iceland. The name of the volcano is........
Eyjafjallajokull . Yes, that's correct: Eyjafjallajokull . Can anyone pronouce this name? I can't. If you can send it to us in phonetic form !! First one to do that will get a special mention in my next post!! :) :) I wish I could award you 10,000 crowns to use in Wizard101 but unfortunately I can't!

So many people were stranded in airports all around the world due to the huge volcanic ash plume coming out of Mount Eyjafjallajokull . I hope they are all OK and heading home now that the airports are opening. You can see in the picture at the top of this post (which was taken from far in space) that the ash plume of volcanic debris is quite long and thick.

This eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajokull is just another example of how small our world is, how fragile we all are and how we must try our best to protect our Mother Earth and respect her and treat her well. That's My2Cents--OK.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Quick Welcome Home


As I'm quite exhausted from today's proceedings, sadly this will have to be a short post. Recently, Autumn Duskhunter from Homework in a Graveyard has returned again to the W101 Community! Although I have never met Autumn in-game/ever, I have heard MANY great compliments for this Grandmaster Necromancer. I have read a few of her posts, and I was truly WOWED and WOWING by the elaboration of her writing. SWEET!!! My reading teacher tells my class to dig DEEP for our written answers, but sometimes I think that if I go any deeper I will drown! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH!- I guess it's time to go the DEEP end of the pool now. -Lol BA-DUM-CASH-AGAIN!- Lol that's enough dumb jokes for today :P. All in all, welcome back Autumn and I can't wait to read your "Be log" again! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH-ISWEARTHISWILLBELASTDUMBJOKEFORTODAY- Wootz! I'm a stand up comic *NOT*


Monday, April 19, 2010

The Glitchiest Glitch of All

Ah, it's good to be home.

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for my lack of posting AGAIN (Emphasis on again). I've been busy attending to some "Family Business" lately. As a result, my W101 time has been depleted to near none. I'm back home now, and I finally have some relaxing time with my computer and a bucket of popcorn.

After the Malistaire run in the below post, I decided to test my luck and use the Second Chance Chest. Although I did not recieve my GM robe, I did acquire a quite peculiar athame, Malistaire Drake's DeathEdge. This is just a normal level 45 athame, you say? Not quite!!! Despite giving the normal boosts, powers, etc, the DeathEdge says, Crowns Only, No Drop, No Auction, No Trade, Arena Tickets Only. I seem to remember seeing this glitch before, but did not know what caused it. Any ideas??? I'm completely clueless on this subject. That's all for today! Laterz.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Night, Malistaire!!!!


Good morning!
Today was a sleepy day. I woke up at 8:20! *YAWNS* I had the oppurtunity to meet the King of Death! (AKA Cody Deathflame LOL). With the help of Donna Spellthorn, and Kayla something or other, we cremated Malistaire. Donna and Kayla took out the minions, and I boosted up Cody with Balance blades and whatnot. Finally, after 20 minutes of boosting, Cody cast the mighty Wraith to put an end to the evil Malistaire!!! Just clearing 22,000 damage, the Wraith burned Malistaire to the ground. Sadly, it was not higher than Cody's original highest hit. But Congratz anyway, Cody!!!

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