Monday, November 30, 2009

MarleyBone Mansions, Reaching a Chessy Hand to the Sky

Last night, I teleported to my buddy, Patrick BearHammer, and found myself literally floating in the sky. The owner of this fantastic MarleyBone Mansion, went above and beyond when they defied physics and built a ChessBoard Bridge, decending from the front steps, into the deep depths of the midnight blue sky. This is yet another reason why I like the game, Wizard 101. Unlike real life, in Wizard 101 you can build bridges that defy physics, with the simple muttering of a few magical chants. This awe-inspiring house used over 15 Chessboards to build a bridge, from the garden house, all the way to the end of the property. Unfortunately, I am once again unable to name the owner of this house, but I praise the owner, and am sorry I did not catch the name of the realtor. Great Castle!
-Chase WillowWeaver
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Squaring Off In the Depths of Grizzleheim!

**Jabs* *Misses* *Jams finger* *Gives up fight*

The other day, while cruising around on my new Royal Lioness mount, I randomly teleported to Grizzleheim, otherwise known as GH. All worlds in the Spiral have a minigames area, where you may regain lost mana. Each world has a unique "fairgrounds", and Grizzleheim has one of the most interesting. In the very middle of the GH Fairgrounds, 2 very angry bears, both in twinkling black armor, began to have a fist fight, but instead of fists, they fought with swords, and shields. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, I wanted to be thankful, and I attempted to break the gory battle up. Unfortunately, I was obliged to stay away when one of the bears began to turn his explosive wrath on me. Luckily, my Baby Royal Lioness and I escaped unharmed, but how the losing bear left, is yet to be unknown. Let this be a lesson to all of you mean MarleyBone Rat Gangs and such: BE THANKFUL, AND DON'T FIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE USING SELF DEFENSE!

A frightened JR. Blogger/A frightened Chase WillowWeaver
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Wizard101 World ?

Following up on my previous post about being thankful for the things that come our way. Here is a picture I took this morning. I was unhappy that I woke up early on a Saturday morning. I wanted to sleep late. Instead of rolling over and being angry I got up and walked to the patio and looked out. WOW it was like looking into one of JR Bloggers Wizard101 levels. At first a strange light started to emerge from the darkness, then as it got brighter and brighter birds began to appear, some big fish rolled around in the water and the clouds began to glow. Was I in Wizards101 or what? In 10 or 15 minutes a huge orange glob began rising out of the sea. It was the sun announcing the start of another day. In one short moment the entire horizon went from total black to bright orange.  Then yellow and pink colors streaked across the sky like a jet plane leaving their contrails of white streaks. It was magical and wonderful.  I am so thankful I did not roll over and go back to sleep but got up and checked out the day! I found the silver lining after thinking waking up so early on a Saturday morning was a dark cloud. But then again this is just My2Cents worth of thinking. Have a great day. SR Blogger.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that special time of year when we Americans spend some time thinking about the positives in our lives. (or we should !)   Wouldn't it be nice if Thanksgiving Day was not one day in the year but many or every day of the year?  I have been thinking about all the things I am thankful for...of course it includes JR Blogger and mom and my family and the list goes on and on and on and on.  It is a much longer list than I expected.  I am thankful for the morning light rays as the sun rises and am thankful for the same rays of light as the sun sets.  I am thankful for having the opportunity for posting on a blog like this and I am thankful for those who read it and make comments.  You know, it seems that it all comes down to having a positive attitude.
There are sayings I have heard and like and they seem to point towards having a positive attitude about life and people and events.
For example...  Some see the glass as half empty and some see it as half full.  Another saying I like is that there is always a silver lining in the darkest cloud.  There are others but I think this gives you an idea that people have been thinking about having positive attitudes and being grateful for a long long time.
JR Blogger tells me after he wins a battle on Wizard101 how he is often helped by other friends and fellow Wizards.  That's good.  Helping others is a good thing.  I know he is thankful when you help him defeat a challenger and move to a higher level.  And even if the battle ends without victory JR is thankful for the assist.
I will end by saying I am thankful that for all of you taking the time to read this long (maybe boring) blog.  I did try and work in some thanks about Wizards so give me, SR Blogger, a break :)
I really am thankful today, hope you are too but that's just MY2Cents !  Please comment with what you are thankful for if you like.

Grizzleheim Artisans, Artistic Masterpieces!

Happy Thanksgiving from us bloggers at My2cents!,
Yesterday morning, I was prowling around mounted on my Royal Lioness, when I came upon a fantastic piece of art in the heart Nidallivir. (Feel free to comment on my spelling) The picture is mounted upon a great brick wall, and pictures a mighty Dragon, and a determined Frost Giant, basically ripping each other apart, and supposedly are battling even before the very Spiral was created. I wonder what part of the Spiral's history Grizzleheim took part in . . .
-Chase WillowWeaver
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inspring Wizards Across the Spiral!


Ah, Dustin & David. The dynamic duo. The owners of the hit Blog, Wizard 101 Info. My virtual buddies on Wizard 101. More importantly, my blogging inspiration.

Dustin MoonCatcher, and David TitanRider, recently entered Wizard 101's top fansites page with their blog: Wizard 101 Info. I was a regular reader of their blog, and eventually found myself reading their blog whenever possible in my crowded life. One day, I was playing on my weaker Theurgist, Valerian WillowWeaver, when I found myself staring right into the deep brown eyes of Dustin MoonCatcher, the famed owner of Wizard 101 Info. "Dustin, are you THE Dustin from Wizard 101 Info?", I questioned. "That'd be me, Valerian," Dustin cooly replied. Losing my own cool, I jumped up and down not only on my virtual character, but in real life, also.

Perhaps some of my dynamics had rubbed off onto Dustin because, within the next 10 seconds, both Dustin and I were jumping for joy at the thought of meeting a famed blogger, Dustin, and the #1 fan, me. Dustin hurriedly added me to his buddy list and then he texted the Co. Owner of his blog, and cousin, David TitanRider. Dustin was so happy when I started screaming in glee and enjoyment because of David's presence. The very next day, Dustin himself wrote a 5 paragraph long post about meeting me and our 1 day adventures. One day, I asked Dustin and David if keeping a blog was quite difficult. Truthfully, they both answered that it wasn't exactly the toughest, nor easiest thing in the Spiral.

Hopes high, the next day I was SHOCKED to be informed by my father that the last year, he had started a blog of his own for fun, and had never really used it. My generous father gave half ownership of the blog to me, and half to himself, thus starting this new blog, My2Cents. All in all, I'd like to thank Dustin MoonCatcher, David TitanRider, and Daddy for helping me start this fun site for writing practice, and my favourite video game, Wizard 101. The picture above shows David, Dustin, and I posing for a picture in DragonSpyre. Be sure to visit David and Dustin's Blog,!

Best regards,
Chase WillowWeaver/ JR. Blogger
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Pic of Awesome House!


Here's another pic of Awesome House. SOMEBODY PLEASE COMMENT! Mr. Sphinx here looks quite happy with his nose in the headlines of a blog, hehe! -JR. Blogger
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ANOTHER Pic of Awesome House Times 2!


Here's yet ANOTHER pic of that Awesome House! Gosh, I really need to learn how to post numerous screen shots! Please comment with information if you know how! Thanks!
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More Pictures of Awesome House Times 2!


Here's another pic, like promised of that fantastic house!
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Awesome House, Times 2!


Just the other day ago, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, Cassandra RavenBlood. Cassandra, or Cass, as I like to call her, told me to teleport to a friend of her's house. Trying to be helpful, I opened up my Buddy List and teleported to the warm and tropical Desert Villa. Amazed, I found myself to be standing on a single Chessboard in the center of the sky! In a most recent post, I stated that some Wizards enjoy browsing fun castle "Bugs" in their spare time. This Wizard seemed to have spent ALL of their time on these "bugs". A true gateway to heaven, that chessboard mountain was. Also, the owner of the house seemed to have planted virtual trees all around the perimeter of a great fountain, therefore standing up into the next level. Also, pictured you see many levels of metal steps reaching into the sky, posing as great doorsteps. Unfortunately, it STILL is beyond my blogging knowledge on how to post numerous screen shots in a single post. Once again, if you know how to post screen shots, PLEASE COMMENT HOW TO DO IT ASAP! Thanks a million! Nice house if you are watching Mr. Owner!
-JR. Blogger/ Chase WillowWeaver
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Picture of that Awesome Castle


Here's that extra pic of that awesome DragonSpyre Caslte, like promised! This pic really shows how far the bridge is, as you can see. Great house once again Mr. Owner!
-JR. Blogger/ Chase WillowWeaver
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Bridge Into the Heavens... or maybe DragonSpyre


A few minutes ago, I was hanging out with my friend, Lucas SoulHunter, when he told me to teleport to him. Excited to see what Lucas had discovered, I hurriedly opened my buddy list and teleported. Laying before my very eyes was, A GIANT DRAGONSPYRE HOUSE. You're thinking, "Oh wow, a castle, big woof," but this was not just ANY Castle. Right in front of my face, was a GIANT, LONG, and BLUE, rug bridge! Some wizards enjoy playing with fun bugs with their castles. As you can see, this wizard ADORES playing with bugs. This bridge, reached out and grabbed at the clouds, starting from the inside of a stone wall, and ending in the middle of nowhere. It took me 1 whole minute to cross from one side of the spectacular bridge, to the other side. There were many people gawking at the great wonder as I strode down the long majestic bridge. How they discovered this glitch, I do not now. If this was the greatest house I have ever seen, I know the answer. YES!!! Pictured above you see Lucas SoulHunter in the dark green, Kevin in the light brown-ish, and me, Chase WillowWeaver, in the weird Wolf hat, snake hide robe, and iron boots. I will post more pictures that I have taken because, unfortunately, it is beyond my blogging knowledge how to post numerous pictures in a single post. My apologies ... Also, I do not know the owner of this great house, but if you are reading Mr. Owner, I would like to say great house!
-JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver

P.S. If any of you readers know how to post numerous pictures in a single post, please comment and inform me how to do it. Thanks!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

New Judgement Record! Hit Vika MarkMaker with over 6,000!

Congratz to me! A few minutes ago, while assisting my friend, Neela StormBringer, with the difficult task of defeating Vika MarkMaker, my Judgement hit over 6,000! Sorry to inform you, but I was so stunned that I forgot to take a screen shot, hehe. At least I have it in my memory! **Taps noggin* A Feint, Hex, Balance Blade, BladeStorm, an extra 30% Balance strength, full Power Pips, the support of friends, and a hint of luck brought me up the road to 6,000! Boo-Yah! Thanks to Neela StormBringer for finishing up the final minion. See you in the spiral!
-JR. Blogger/ Chase WillowWeaver

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jason LegendBlossom's Wild Bolt hit 5,929


Good afternoon!,
While defeating a challenging boss in the midst of the Crucible, I was greeted by old friends, Jason LegendBlossom, along with Brianna FireGem. Earlier that morning, I attempted to defeat a boss, of which their name has escaped my memory. Jason, a heavy Wild Bolter, enjoys defeating bosses in single, powerful hits. Boosting up Jason as much as I could, with Brianna on defense, Jason eventually drew a Wild Bolt treasure card. With such an amount of blades and traps, Jason's legendary Bolt succeeded in one hitting the boss with a staggering amount of damage: 5,929. Almost hit the 6,000's that Bolt! All in all, I would like to thank Jason LegendBlossom, and Brianna FireGem for helping me defeat the difficult boss, and I would like to congratulate Jason on his powerful hit upon the monster. Great job!
-Chase WillowWeaver/ JR. Blogger
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Defeat Of Orin GrimCaster


This morning, while playing my level 44, Sorcerer, I was given the challenge of defeating the dreaded Orin GrimCaster. The rank 8 boss, had a staggering amount of 3,800 health, and was a Master Of Death. I requested assistance from a friend's friend and his friend. :). I was therefore assisted by a GM Death, and level 48 Storm. We raced through the levels of the tower passing over the cold, hard, metallic floors of the FleshLess Tower. Finally, at the fifth level, we were confronted by Orin GrimCaster himself. You see, Connor, level 48 Storm dealing the final hit upon Orin GrimCaster with the almighty spell, Storm Lord. I took a screen shot and used the keyboard trick, Ctrl G. Unfotunately, my computer unexpectedly froze and I was stuck in a single position for five minutes. Finally, I recovered and was prompted to turn in the quest. I would like to say thank you to Connor, and Ryan for helping me defeat the FleshLess Tower. This is the second epic post of the DragonSpyre Tower Chronicles.
-JR. Bloggger/Chase WillowWeaver
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Being and Having Friends In a New Age

This is SR. blogger here. I find it interesting in your post JR. that you have become "friends" with a character in an online multi-player game. I say that because I come from an age...era some say...when the "friends" we made had baseball caps, torn jeans, dirt under their nails and sometimes dirty greasy hair. Those "friends" were quite different to some of the friends you and your generation are making. I guess that is progress and the effect of new "technology". Maybe the new description of "friend" should include both the living breathing "real"--flesh and blood type friend and the virtual friends players make on sites like Wizard101.

For me an important quality of a friend is someone who is always there for you. Someone who cares about you and wants to share both the ups and downs of life with you. There is a saying which describes a type of friend who is only there for you when times are good. This type of friend is known as a "fair weather friend". When things are good they will share them with you but when times get tough they are not to be found.

There is also a difference I see between JR's "virtual" friends and SR's friends. After a battle SR's are sweaty and dirty and JR's are still crisp and sharp looking and certainly don't "stink" lol lol. But then again technology may make "smell a battle" the next innovation for Wizard101.

I see many differences between "real" and "virtual" friendships but maybe there are many similarities too. I will try and make a "virtual" friend on an online game and report back. But I don't know if I have the qualities to be a good "virtual" friend but that's just MY2Cents on the subject.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tribute To Patrick BearHammer, Level 50 Theurgist

In the pic above, you see my good old friend Patrick BearHammer. Last night, Patrick announced that he unfortunately would be deleting his character forever. Dumbstruck, all I could say was a measly, "Wha?". Even after a long and sad conversation with Patrick, he still would not reveal why he was deleting his character. Luckily, I am friends with Patrick's other character, Patrick BearHammer II, Grand Sorcerer. In my post about Sylvia Drake's Tomb, Patrick was the one helping me through the tower. I was even planning to invite Patrick to help me defeat the Grand Tower in Colossus Blvd, when the time comes. But, alas, oh-well. As a final tribute to my "deceased" friend, Patrick BearHammer, I post him on my blog, and I hope that all of Pat's old friends will remember him as a great Wizard, and more importantly, friend.

With best regards to Pat,
JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tennis ... Blogging ... Whatnot

Hi everybody!,
First of all, I would like to inform you all that SR. Blogger and I, have recently reached 40 Views! That's a great achievement in SR. and JR. Bloggers' book alike. Probably most of the views have been yours truly, me, and some friends. Who knows, everybody alwasy stumbles upon a random site while searching the web, am I right??? Well, let's have a round of applause for SR. Blogger and I! **Cricket Chirps* Okay thanks anyway!

Next, I would like to tell you that I had a fantastic tennis match last Saturday! Here's the epic story: I'm playing doubles with a good friend of mine, and we're waiting to play in the second round of our JR. Tennis League match for the day. Our tennis instructor, calls our names and leads us to our courts to warm up before we start playing. We learned soon after we would be playing 2 children about the same age as us as a practice match. One of the players, had defeated the very JR. Blogger in a past USTA match. Therefore, I was determined to make up for my loss.

The score was 7-5 with JR. Blogger and his partner in the lead. We lost 2 games and the score was now 7-7. We were SUPPOSED to be playing a tie-break, but unfortunately our "genius" parents came to the conclusion that the tie-break was to be played at 8-8. So, we lost the game and continued on to the end of the match. Finally, we played a tie-breaker at 7-8 with the other team in the lead. After a painfully long tie-break, we lost. How we lost; We don't understand. Sorry SR. Blogger, but my partner and I somewhat blame it on the parents. Not you, of course, or mom, but the OTHER parents!

All in all, it was a great match and I congratulate the other team for their VERY LUCKY win over JR. Blogger and his friend. Grrrr! Thanks for watching SR. Blogger, along with MRS. Mommy.

-JR. Blogger

Computer Games versus Real Life Games

I have been following JR's posts about Wizard101 and his exploits and descriptions of battles. They are quite interesting and even exciting at times. But, being a bit older than JR I have not been "hooked" (so to speak) as he has on these computer based games and challenges. However, this weekend I did get to see a type of competition I would say is compelling, exciting and had me "hooked".

This competition wasn't on a computer screen, an iphone or DS. It was on a real hard surface tennis court. Jr, a few of his friends, his momma and I went to see the Chris Evert charity tennis tournament in Delray Beach Florida. Now this event is not really hard core tennis. It is an event to raise money for Chris Evert's favorite charity.
The charity is for a children's hospital and it really is a great event.

The competition is fast and most importantly funny!! You ask "how can a tennis match be funny?" Well, this isn't a normal everyday type of tennis match. It's all for fun.
Chris Evert invites some really great and famous tennis players to play tennis with TV and movie stars. As an example the really great Martina Navratilova was there and also the host of the Today show Matt Laur. They played in a doubles competition and it was so much fun to watch. Sometimes they played for real and sometimes just for the fun of it. All the players had microphones on and we could hear them talking and making fun of each others shots and strategies. It was great!! Everyone in the viewing stand was laughing and having a great time.

Now I'm not saying that going to a "live" event is better than playing a "computer" game but I can tell you it was great to be with a lot of other people and hearing and feeling their reactions to the tennis event. To me it was more of a "social" experience instead of a "solo" isolate game experience with a computer screen.

I think it's best to have a mix of both experiences in life but then again that's just MY2CENTS.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wizard 101 Sylvia Drake's Tomb


Good moring everybody,
This morning, while playing my level 44, Balance Sorcerer, I finally reached the terrifying tower of Sylvia Drake. Sylvia Drake is the ghost of Malistaire Drake's wife. Imagine Malistaire as the evil Voldemort of Harry Potter. Malistaire and Sylvia both were RavenWood, School of Magic teachers, before Sylvia passed away. One unfortunate day, Sylvia became sick with a horrible sickness that, although she was a Life teacher, could not stop. Eventually, Sylvia passed away, and Malistaire, driven by his love for the now dead Sylvia, went insane and fled Wizard City. Also, Malistaire could not bring himself to leave behind Sylvia, so he took her body with him to another world, DragonSpyre.

Now that you've learned a bit of the storyline, I'll tell you about the tower. After, basically begging my level 50 Life friend, Patrick BearHammer to help me with the difficult tower, we set off on our expedition. On our way we battled through 5 floors of monsters and darkness, when we finally came upon Sylvia Drake. Because Malistaire did not want Sylvia to be gone forever, he imprisoned her very soul into the body of a Wraith. Now, Sylvia, once a beautiful teacher, is an ugly black Wraith, that you see above. I dealt one of the final hits on the Wraith/Sylvia with the spell Judgement. As you can see, my Judgement was a bit underpowered and did not finish off the ghastly Wraith. Patrick BearHammer quotes, "I fiz", because what would have been the final hit, had fizzed out and disappeared in a puff of ash. Finally, at the end of the battle, Patrick finished off the evil Wraith with a FAR overpowered Centaur. Which I like to call, "OVERKILL!"

After a long tower, a tough boss fight, and lots of monsters, Patrick BearHammer, level 50 Theurgist, and I, Chase WillowWeaver, level 44 Sorcerer, were ready to head back to the Basilica and turn in our hard earned XP. We had a great time fighting together, and next time we do a tower together, I will be sure to write a post about out adventures. Thanks lots Patrick! (Click to enlarge)

Yours truly,
JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wizard101 (DragonSpyre present)


In an earlier post, I mentioned how present day DragonSpyre looks. Well, I thought I would take a screen shot and really show you the difference between the past and the present. Unlike the past, present day DragonSpyre has a dark, cloudy, and gloomy sky. Also, all the lava you see in the pic, was once a majestic flowing and COLD fountain. Also, notice that everything just seems to become gloomier, and depressed. Now you understand why I was hoping that a great wizard would come and summon the Dragon Titan to right this horrible wrong. (Sry for not so great quality, I couldn't do anything to help)

-JR. Blogger (Click to enlarge)
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Wizard 101 (DragonSpyre Past)


As you know from earlier posts, I am a hardcore Wizard101 Gamer. I thought since I recently learned how to post screenshots of the game, I could take a few pics of the game Wizard101 itself. The scene you see above, is in the final world, DragonSpyre. Only the most powerful wizards are allowed to test their skills among other powerful duelers in DragonSpyre.(That would be me, ahem.) DragonSpyre was once a great civilization and had a strange interest in Fire Magic, or Pyromancy. They were SOOOOO obsessed with Fire Magic, that in turn, they used it to summon the great Dragon Titan. Unfortunately, their not-so genius plan backfired, and the great Titan sort of blew up all the goodness in their world. The picture was taken when the world was still peaceful and happy. The sky blue flowing water you see above is now scarlet red lava. Everything that is in one piece is now in about 100 pieces. I hope someday, a great wizard will summon a nicer Dragon Titan and restore DragonSpyre to it's old self. Now you know a little bit of Wizard 101 literature! :) I hope you liked the pic. (Click to enlarge)

-JR. Blogger
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Not Such Great News

Georgia lost last Saturday! Aw, we were stomped flat into the ground. Gators 31-10 Georgia, if I am correct. That completely stinks for SR. and JR. Blogger alike. **Groans* At least it was great to watch! Great game Gators and Dawgs fans!

Happy Belated Halloween! Halloween was great, and I got like, 81 pieces of yummies! Yay! It was SOOOO, much fun. It was hilarious when our golf cart, which was rented by the way, ran out of juice! In the end, it turned out fine because we were riding with a group of 6 carts, so the kids just rode home, while the other adults worked on towing the broken down cart. I got to have fun at my friend's house though! I hope all of you readers had a great time that night, but this is just my 2cents!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey, this is my first Wizard101 Screentshot! **The crowd goes wild*. Thank you, thank you, thank you.It's Wizard101, my favorite video game! Woot yay! I hope you like my virtual clothes! This is just my 2cents, but it was my FIRST screenshot! Now that I have taken one successfully, you know there will be more to come! (Click to enlarge)

P.S. Sorry my character's head is turned, that was a little bit unexpected at the time. :)
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