Thursday, December 31, 2009

Valkoor WillowWeaver, PvP Legend!


Happy New Year's Eve! To kick things off, I would like to wish all of you a prosperous 2010, and I hope you had a fantastic 2009. Pictured above you see my Myth character, Valkoor, who was also our School House Tour Guide. Let me teach you some history about the WillowWeaver family. Chase, was the first character I, Jr Blogger ever created. My W101 career all began when I was watching TV on a Saturday morning with Sr Blogger. Suddenly, a W101 commercial is blaring on our 42" Flat screen TV. I had always been a hard core Nintendo DS player, and I thought that maybe it was time to move on to an MMO.

"Hey dad, do you think I could try that game?," I asked timidly. "Sure, it looks okay, " Sr Blogger kindly replied. Walking over to our computer, I hesitated about trying my first MMO. Is it safe? Is it a waste of time? None of my friends do it. Hmm. Let us cut close to the chase. I made my account, took the school quiz, became a Sorcerer, and named my 1st character, Chase WillowWeaver.

Quickly learning the way of Wizardry, I instantly fell in love with W101. I quested for a bit, and then went over to my friend's house. "Hey dude, I just started plaything this SICK game called Wizard 101", I told my best friend. "Oh yeah, I looked a little at that thing", he replied. In the blink of an eye, we were sat down at the computer, making my best friend's character, Paul FrostTamer, a student of Ice. We quested together, until it was time for me to go home.

When I first got Text Chat on Chase, I learned that there was a dueling system called PvP, and that my school, Balance was supposedly BRILLIANT at it. For the first time in my life, I walked over to Diego the DuelMaster, and began my PvP career. Paul FrostTamer and I, being both in KT, decided to 2v2 a bit. We won, lost, and lost some more. Although we were both measely Privates, we enjoyed ourselves. That summer, I PvP-ed all the time, and raised myself to the rank of Veteran. I insantly found a block at that rank, and could not raise myself even by the slightest amount of rank points.

Being a total PvP addict, I learned that the lower the level, the easier it is to PvP. Soooooo, I made a Myth Noob! That's how our friend, Valkoor WillowWeaver, came into action. PvP-ing with Valkoor was much easier than playing with Chase, and I eventually, got to the rank of Veteran. Once again, I found a block at that rank, and decided to look on W101 Central for a Forum in which I could find a unique tactic. Looking at the PvP ladders, I saw that one wizard, with the name of "Dapangrulez", was a fantastic dueler. I clicked their user page, and decided to look at a screen shot album of their fantastic duelers. I skimmed through the album, until I saw a level 10, Conjurer in full Commander gear, and the rank of OVER LORD!

After I commented on the picture, the next week I recieved a reply from Dapangrulez. "Always take out your minion, and if your minion dies, take out another one", was his advice. Deciding to take a shot at the tactic, I logged onto my account and PvP-ed with Valkoor. Quickly, I saw that Dapangrulez's tactic was perfect. Using that tactic, I brought Valkoor WillowWeaver, the noob Conjurer, to the rank of Captain, and a 9 match win streak! Lastly, I'd like to thank Dapangrulez for his fantastic advice, and I'd like to congratulate Valkoor, the PvP Noob Legend! ! ! ! ;-)

-Jr Blogger
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Royal Wizard !!


JR Blogger and SR Blogger and some of our friends went out on a local "safari". We didn't go to Africa but a location not too far from home. If you guessed Disney World you win the 5,000 golden crowns. Even though our "safari" was close to home and not in the true wilds of Africa we had a great adventure. The wonderful animals we got to see were not in cages but allowed to roam free within the enclosures that Disney has built at the Animal Kingdom park. I say they roam "free" but of course there are limitations for the animals. I do think that all of the animals we saw were really healthy looking and seemed at peace with their surroundings. While they were not roaming on the Serengeti plain or in the rain forests of Uganda or Congo as their ancestors had done they still seemed quite content. But, who really knows what is going on in their mind? They are after all "wild" animals and probably would rather be in the "wild" instead of Disney World. This great great GREAT Silverback gorilla is the leader of a family of gorillas that we saw. I just could not believe how majestic and grand he looked. His strength is incredible and as you can see from the picture he is keeping an eye on his domain. Still I am sure he would rather be some where other than Disney World. But that's just My2Cents on the subject.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Poll Results!

Good morning,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I (Jr Blogger here) am on a little Winter vacation with my grandparents and parents. Soon, my good friend Connor WildSpear will be coming to play with us! We're renting a town house. I'm writing to you now from Sr Blogger's Mac Book, which I cannot play W101 on. As a result, I've been posting on W101 Central, and surfing cool blogs for an ETERNITY.

Now, to the Poll. Recently, I decided to change the template of My 2Cents, in hopes to add a little flare and atmosphere to our blog. I added a poll, with four possible answers.
1. Woot, I love it!
2. Not for my life!
3. Um, I'm not gonna answer that question.

And, drum roll please, we have in 1st place, Woot I love it! with 8 votes!
In 2nd place, we have: Um, I'm not gonna answer that question, with 1 vote!
Finally, tied for 3rd place, we have *SOBS* CHANGE IT BACK! along with: Not for my life!

I'd like to thank all of our fantastic voters and readers for giving us their valued opinion, which without it, this blog would be nothing.

Thanks, Jr Blogger

Saturday, December 26, 2009



I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, as I did! Above, you see an ancient, Krokotopian Artifact, that I discovered while questing for the Obsidian Chests. It apparently was buried by sand, and then re-discovered by the genius MarleyBone archeologists. Something, green is stuck in it's right nostril! Ewww! It's a, it's a, it's a--ACHOO! I think it might be a booger! Is it a booger? Is it a gem? Is it a POPSICLE? The world may never know. . .

A bewildered Jr. Blogger
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!
First of all, we'd like THANK all of our fantastic readers for such a productive year! I hope all of you, good or bad, received something other than coal from Santa Claus! This year, I received a MOUNTAIN of gifts from family and of course, Santa, including:

1. Two Gift Cards for Supportive WildClaws, and 20,000 crowns!
2. A kick-off tee to enhance my football kicking
3. An Amazon Kindle. (I've wanted it all year)
4. The Lego Star Wars Book
5. Lego Atlantis, and Lego Starwars sets
6. The Duck Hunter Game
7. Republic Heroes, and Wii Sports Resort for the Wii
8. A "Sky-ball" which supposedly bounces up to heights of 75 feet!
9. An, Everything Flies set, which houses many different types of flying machines
10. Guiness Books of World Records 2010!
11. A CD of the Beatles songs! I absolutely love the song: StrawBerry Fields Forever!
12. A Betta Fish! I named him Prince ;)
13. Clothes for my stuffed animal, Chippy the Monkey
14. Sets of card board pieces that you use to build items
15. A little tree ornament from my parents that pictures me holding my Tennis racket!
16. A "Find it" Game in which you look for things inside of a plastic filled tube
17. The Eye-Clops
18. Magnetic Crossword puzzles
19. Fiki finger football
20. Love from my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all of you guys loved your gifts as much as I did, and Happy Holidays from the My2Cents Family!!! -Chase
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Level 1 Commander!?!?


Good morning! Or, God Morgen, as they say in the frozen north!
Hooray, Sr. Blogger is back home for the holidays! Recently, Sr. Blogger's flight back home was cancelled because of heavy snow on the runway. Anyway, the other day, I was PvP-ing on Chase, my Balance Captain, when I heard a commotion near the Practice Arena. "I Bolt, Bolt, and then Kraken, doh!" was screamed by an over-powered Novice! This little Theurgist, with the name of Chris Griffin, was clad in an Elegant Set of Elegant clothes. But, the boots he wore, seemed to stand out, and draw large attention. For, when I clicked on his avatar, and looked at his statistics, I was amazed to see that he wore Arena boots, but not just any Arena boots, the famed, FootGear of the Imdomitable! Large resist, large strength, and even accuracy, these boots are a must-have for all Arena Duelers. Apparently, this Novice gained his rank, and gear by Wild Bolting, and Kraken-ing! Is Wild Bolt fair for a Novice to wield? No, I should think. Although his chain-bolting, I praise Chris Griffin for his strength in battle, and his AWESOME BOOTS! -Chase
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Test Post! This is a Test Post, testing whether or not I can post pictures that I have Copied and Pasted. It works! Yay! I'm sure you'll see lots of this, now that I have mastered the art of Copy and Pasting! This is like, a picture of a tree, in the snow, which I found on Google. Please disregard my boring explanations, this is a Test Post! :) -Chase

A Little Change of Heart

Good evening!
As you might have observed, we have had a major change in the look of out blog! What, you ask? Well, I decided to change the template! Understand, that Sr. Blogger and I, have had the same Template, Scribe, ever since we started our blog, which was about 3 months ago. We have decided that, like us, our readers are probably tired of the same, brown, Scribe-ish look of our blog. We'd like to think outside of the box, and brighten things up a bit, so our little creation will always be a sight for sore eyes. I hope you like it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Crown Gear?

Good morning,
The meaning of this post was to inform you that, while I was hanging out with Dustin MoonCatcher of Wizard 101 info, I discovered new Crown Gear! Due to great haste to take my screen shot, I forgot to click on the brand-new Headdress of the Heavens! Apparently, it will give 6% Resist, 3% Power Pips, 90 health, 2 accuracy, 3% tough, and the Meteor Strike spell! Unfortunately, I tried to inform Dustin of the new update, but he was unable to see the Headdress in the Crown Shop! Am I the only one, or are there others? Please post a comment if your wizard has also seen the new update. -JR. Blogger
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW !

Greetings from the frozen North!  This is Sr. Blogger writing from close to the North Pole.  Yes, that's right I am in Norway.  Home of the Vikings and great and adventrous people.  What is Sr. blogger doing here you ask?  Well, truth be told I am stuck in the airport.  As you can see by the picture above the weather is a bit "white"...snow that is.  The temperature is -18c which converts to about -. 5 degrees F.  Now add in some wind and you have a temperature of about 15 degrees below zero, yes ZERO.  Now Wizard 101 friends that is cold.  If I had to do battle against Chase WillowWeaver in this weather I would surely lose.
However, I'm going to look on the bright side of this.  I am heading home for Christmas.  I will see Chase WillowWeaver and the weather HAS to be warmer than it is here in Norway!  So, no problems, no complaints just life as it is dealt to us.  Who can do anything about the weather anyway?
They just had a big conference in Copenhagen,  Denmark to discuss "global warming".  I don't know if they solved any of the issues they discussed but the good news is that at very least the world is "discussing" things.  For so many years so few countries wanted to discuss anything.  Each country thought they had the answers to all the problems.  Well, we know from our Wizard 101 challenges and battles that quite often we need a little H E L P ! from someone else. The people of Norway are good people.  They like to help other people and nations.  The people in Norway have the right idea about life and living.  That is to enjoy it but also think of others and offer a helping hand if someone needs it.
Like the battle in Wizard 101...sometimes you just can't do it all by yourself!  Well, anyway that's just My2Cents worth of thinking.  Ok?
I wish all who follow this blog...and even those who don't know it exists (YET!) a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and wonderful and sharing New Year!   Wow...2010.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ranks Reset! Why, Oh Why?!

Ranks are getting reset! I was informed of this dreadful news when I was hanging around in the Arena. Something you may not know about me, PvP is the biggest reason I play Wizard 101.

I was hanging around the Arena, when I was informed that the ranks would be reset. It all began when I met a certain Wizard, (Who's name I shan't mention). He was, a Storm GrandMaster, dressed in full Commander Gear, and a fabolous FireZilla by his side. Purple was his gears' main color, with white as its' trim. This Wizard's voice had a commanding air, as his tone was deep and meaningful. There seemed to be a commotion near the Ranked side of the Arena Lobby. "Ranks are getting reset!" "Ranks are getting reset!" "Let's go on stirke!" "WHY!?", was all that could be heard over the loud stomping of iron boots. Around this Wizard was a crowd of young and daring, PvP duelists, questioning tomorrow's update, including I.

Apparently, our hard earned ranks are going to be reset due to new PvP WarLord armor coming out. This powerful armor apparently will arm the Wizard with a staggering 60% Resist. Is this too high? Is this fair? Is this reasonable!!!!!!!! It was an outrage! 60%! 46% was enough already! The Wizard, seemed to have inside information from KingsIsle, his source shan't be mentioned. Above, you see my profile, before it all leaves my wizard.
Ranked Matches: 159
Ranked Wins: 95
Ranked Losses: 64
Ranked Rating: Captain (736)

Earlier that day, my Ranked Rating was 770! Now, it's all going away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE RANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, we will all have a chance to recuperate and regain our ranks, if we still choose to play this game. The last thing I would like to say is, Although we may have our hard earned ranks reset, we have not completely confirmed that the ranks truthfully are going to be reset. Let us hope that our ranks may stay as is, for a while longer. -Captain Chase WillowWeaver
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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Hanukkah!)
"We wish we you merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we WISH you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW year!" That line pretty much says it all. Us bloggers at My2cents would like all of our readers to enjoy a fun-filled holiday break, and a prosperous New Year! 2010, oh my! Does anybody here REALLY think that our wolrd is at it's end in 2012? This family of bloggers doesn't! Above you observe Chase and Sally's Christmas picture! (Chase is the wizard on top of the Lioness) (Sally is the Lioness underneath the wizard) (Not pictured, Maximus the Ghoul) Sorry Maximus! I'll make another post just for you, soon! Until then, Happy Holidays!
-All of the family

Monday, December 14, 2009

Poll Results!

Good evening,
Just that last week, I created my own Poll! Well, Sr. Blogger and I, have recieved the final results of the poll! As you might have noticed, we got a whopping 12 votes! Bravo, bravo, if I do say so, myself. And, the final, final, final, results are the following:
Myth 2%
Life 2%
Balance 3%
Storm 1%
Fire 2%
Ice 1%
And, we have Balance for 1st place! *Hands myself a grand trophy* "I'd like to thank all of our voters, including me, me, and maybe, me." Tied for second we have: Myth, Life, and Fire! Great job! *Hands myself another trophy* Last, but not least, we have Storm, Ice, and Death tied for 3rd. Great job all, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Also, before posting I visited the Friendly Necromancer, which is a fantastic Wizard 101 Fansite. Apparently, Friendly stated that Christmas was back in WC! Yay! This is my very first Wizard 101 Christmas! Felix Navidad is back in town, also! "We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, SOOO bring us some figgy pudding, so bring us some figgy pudding, and bring it out here!" Thank you, thank you. That's all tonight folks, next I might have a post about what I'm trying to dig out of that patch of GOLDEN STRAW that I found in an earlier post! -JR. Blogger

Thursday, December 10, 2009

JR. Blogger's First Cropping of a Pic!

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Once again, due to some random problem, I am stuck typing in the middle of the post. Oh well .... But, I'd like to introduce my first picture cropping to you! Ta-da! Above, notice that I took a picture of the grass, and then loaded it into Picasa 3. Then, all my myself, I added a bunch of shadow, but chose a specific spot to brighten up with a touch of gold. Maybe there's something beneath that little pile of golden straw/grass. Stay tuned if you would like to see what amazing wonder is under our camera lense . . .

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Wizard Level...or ?????

I was working my way up the Sprial and discovered this new and incredible bridge! Just kidding. I have been reading JR. Blogger's posts here and find it so interesting when he discusses the various levels and challenges he encounters on Wizard101. I really like the screen shots that are posted of the various levels. I started wondering where these very creative game designers get their great ideas. I don't think you can be "taught" (like in a school) how to visualize such interesting and colorful creations. I thought "you just have to have a good "creative" eye for this type of work". However, I continued to wonder where the inspiration came from for these designers. Then by chance I took a trip to downtown Miami for a business meeting today. As I drove along the roadway I began to marvel at the beautiful architecture of the building, and the entire city skyline with tall building of glass and concret. Lots of palm trees and gumbo limbo trees lined the streets. I drove further into town and had to cross the bridge you see in the picture posted above. A great deal of light was reflecting off the water. The water colors were blue and yellow with streaks of red from the car lights. The sun was behind a veil of dark clouds and gave a yellowish glow to everything. Suddenly this simple bridge and a city skyline became much more than cement and steel and light. It reminded me immediately of one of JR. bloggers screen shots from Wizard101. For one brief moment I felt like I WAS RIGHT IN THE GAME!
Now I believe that the great designers of the Wizard101 game can get their inspiration from all around. From a bridge with unique lights to palm trees in the moonlight or maybe even a lizard running up a wall. These designers are probably very observant. I think this is a good thing. We are all so busy these days with school, work, music lessons, soccer or tennis matches and of course playing Wizard101 that maybe, just maybe we don't take a little time to look around us at our world and see the beauty and specialness of our great and wonderful planet EARTH! I am glad that JR. Blogger posted those screen shots. They got me thinking...and that thinking got me to see a little more of the world around me. I'm going to end this post and look out the window at the real world around me. I hope you will too. But that's just MY2Cents !
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Myth House!

Now it's time for, drumroll please, The Mighty Myth House! Bravo! **Clap* I have to say, the Myth House might have been my all time favorite School Themed Castle! Above you see Valkoor standing on a floating rainbow, singing the famous song: Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, from the Wizard of Oz. Unforunately, none of us seem to know any other lines, other than: "Somewhere, over the rainbow." :-) This small rainbow might have been my favorite part of the Myth Castle because of the beautiful color. The colors seem to perfectly blend in together, creating an almost natural effect. Great job KI Color People!
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Storm House, Land Ahoy!

Hi everybody,
Here's yet another great picture I took of the marvelous Storm Mansion! Above you see our Test Realm Guide, Valkoor, posing in front of a lighthouse tipped with a Mighty Triton, who is looking off into the horizon. In the sky notice that it seems to be quite a "stormy" day, and I feel that the mood of the sky highly mirrors that of a real Storm Wizard. Just my opinion, of course. Once again, I recommend exploring the Storm House on the Test Realm, or when it comes out on the live Realm!
-Chase WillowWeaver
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Storm House!

Hey everybody,
Pictured above you see the highlight of my marvelous journey to the epic Storm House, an aquarium! Filled with lots of different Storm School related creatures, I have heard that the aquarium houses Storm Sharks, piranha like things, and possibly more. I highly recommend taking a peek at the Storm-Themed Castle when you log into the Test Realm. I took numerous pictures of all school themed houses, and they will be posted later on. Stay tuned!
-Valkoor WillowWeaver/Chase WillowWeaver
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Nice Job With the Balance Crib, KI!

Hey everybody!
This morning, before it was time to leave for school, I decided to log into the Test Realm and check out the new updates: School themed houses! Pictured above, observe the pair of Judgements welcoming my Myth character, Valkoor WillowWeaver. Valkoor will be our model for all Test Realm pictures. Also in pictured, notice that the update included enlarging the numbers in the Health Globe, along with the Mana Ball. I finished checking up on the Balance House, which was about IMPOSSIBLE to enter for some unknown reason. (I couldn't find the door, hehe!) I'll go log in a few minutes to take some more screen shots of the new School Themed Houses! See you in the Spiral!
-Valkoor/Chase WillowWeaver
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pyromancer's Tomb; Tower Chronicles #3

My Wraith ripping up the War Wyrm!

Due to some weird bug, or my novice computer skills, all the text is stuck in the middle! :) That's okay, though.
So here's the story: I'm on Chase, recieving the quest by Cyrus Drake to recieve the Fire Medallion from the Pyromancer's Tomb. None of my buddies were on, so I decided to tough it out, and attempted to solo the dreaded, Pyromancer's Tomb. I made it all the way to the final boss, but it was time for me to get off. 4 more minutes was all I had. I'm about to boost up my Judgement when . . . . time's up. Not wanting to get into trouble, I logged off using the ESC trick.

Later in the day, my friends, Patrick BearHammer, and Cody something-or-other. (Sorry Cody, I'll make a comment with your full name later! I totally spaced out on Wiz 101 Names today) I literally BEGGED Cody and Patrick to help me with the Tomb. Eventually, the 2 of them gave in to my pleas, and agreed to help. Cody whazizname, Patrick BearHammer, and I, set off to complete the dreaded tower.

Finally, at the last stage of the tower, it was up to Cody, Patrick, and me, to defeat the evil boss, (Who's name AGAIN has escaped my mind!) Pictured above you see my vicious Wraith ripping up the bosses minion, a Balance War Wyrm. With Patrick boosting and buffing, and Cody and I on the offensive, we quickly and precisely tore up the remains of the battle, finishing at a minimum of 5 MINUTES! I'd like to say a quick thank you to, Samantha, who helped us through the first flooor, Patrick, and Cody for helping me through the Pyromancer's Tomb! (More pictures will be posted along with the names of the Wizards in the comment area, if possible)
-Chase WillowWeaver
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