Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glorious days of summer!


Hello all you faithful followers of My2Cents. It's SR Blogger once again. I promised yesterday to come back today and post some pictures of the last days of summer (2010) from Oslo Norway. True to my word here they are!

These are pictures are of the beautiful Oslo Fjord. JR. Blogger, Mom Blogger and I spent many weeks this summer overlooking this beautiful part of Norway. In the summer time Norway has many days of great weather. The sky is bright blue and the clouds are pure white. The days are very long and bright. We have been walking around Oslo at 10pm (22:00) and the sun light was nearly as bright as you see in these pictures. These long days provide lots of opportunities to explore, hike and enjoy life.

Summer is drawing to a close and the weather is getting colder, the daylight hours are shorter and the leaves are turning bright colors. Soon summer 2010 will be just a memory and Norway will be heading into the Fall and Winter seasons. Change is good and you have to go with the "flow". But then that's just My2Cents. Have a great day everyone!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Lives...He Returns...He's Sorry


Hi Everyone it's me Sr. Blogger. I must start this post by saying how sorry I am to have been "missing in action". It has been a very busy few months (almost 4) and I have neglected this very special site that JR Blogger has maintained. Our family has been in many different countries....Norway, Sweden, and the USA over the past months and while JR Blogger has found (made) time to post I have been very lazy. My excuses are legendary. "I'm too tired"..."I want to post when I have a picture that matters"..."I don't have anything interesting to post"....but the truth is I WAS TOO LAZY. For that I humbly say: "SORRY".

Today I almost didn't post again and my excuse was "I can't remember how to post pictures"! But I had given my word to JR Blogger that I would at very least get something up on the blog. So, today I POST.

I will have a positive attitude and try my best as we go forward to post more often about interesting things!

Being in Norway at this time of year is quite nice. With the temperature about 21 C (70F) it is quite great to walk around the lovely city of Oslo. You can search the blog and see pictures on some of my posts from winter in Oslo when the temperatures were much -15c/5f. Now that's cold! I will try and take some picturers tomorrow of the city in all its' end of summer glory and post them. (Now I am excited to be back posting!! )

It is quite amazing to me that I can fly from our home in South Florida where the temperatures are hovering around 33c/92f and then after a 7 hour flight be in this nice comfortable weather. Alas, I will be retuning to the "oven" shortly.

Well, this long boring post must come to an end. (cheers are heard around the world!) I promise to post a more interesting post before I leave to return home. I just wanted you all to know (I hope some cared) that SR Blogger is alive, well, happy to be back posting and very sorry to abandon you great followers of JR Bloggers site. It's GREAT to be back! But then again that's just My2Cents. Have a great day.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Long Day

A Long Day

Well, it's been a long day.

I just got home from playing 3 hours of tennis at a local Academy USTA Tournament. I lost in the Consolation Finals to a guy that always got his first serve in at like 65-70 miles an hour. Ouch. In the end, it was 8-5. I lost, but it was a fantastic match. According to my parents, "They were on their toes and biting their nails the whole match."

Literally minutes after the match ended, the Lightning Meter in the clubhouse went off! I can remember it like it was 2 hours ago. Oh wait. It was 2 hours ago. WEEEE OOOOO WEEEE OOOO! Then it starting thunder-ing and lightning-ing. BOOM! CA-RASH!!!

At home, I took an ice bath *shivers.* That was VERY cold, but it is a good reliever for your muscles after any type of athletics. After I got out, I donned my robe and relaxing clothes and read a Tennis Magazine. Did you know that Serena Williams is training to work in a Nail Salon and be a 'Professional' nail person do-er person. (Serena is the #1 ladies player IN THE WORLD) Cool eh. Well that's all for now.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ravenwood Radio, Home, and Everything in Between





Hi all,

To kick it off, the My2Cents family's travels are finally over, and we flew back home just the day before last. What a relief it is to finally sleep in our own beds and sit at our own desks while playing W101! Home sweet home eh?

Also, since I had a cold yesterday (*sigh*) I got to play lots of W101! (YAY!) I've been PvPing a lot on my characters. Valkoor Willowweaver, Valerian Willowweaver, and Chase Willowweaver. It's tough. At least I haven't met any bolters. *Shudder*

Congrats to Ravenwood Radio for another fantastic show! I was only there for the last few minutes, but it was great! Shout out to Friendly! My favorite part was when I heard little Diapermancer in the background. AWWW so cute. And guess what? At the after party, I added Kevin Battleblood's alt, and Valerian Nightbringer of Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards! Nice meeting you guys!

Lastly, it is to my great joy and honor to announce that after MANY months of stalling, procrastinating, and such, I have finally reached Grandmaster!!! WOOT! With the help of some friends irl, I was able to hit grand and gain 2 levels in 2 days FLAT. Nice, yes? After I hit Grand, we went and did Briskbreeze, blew through that, and then went the warehouse, blew through that! It feels good to be a grand LOL.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day, eh? Pictures of the Ravenwood Radio after party above. Click to enlarge.

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