Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack Crevalle

A little something different from being in the Spiral.
Sorry that I haven't posted in months. I hope to change that in the next couple of days.

Just so you all know. This beautiful fish was released back into nature...and swam away wi

Friday, September 23, 2011



Hi all

Well, I've been gaming a tiny bit since we last talked-- my Mythy Valkoor is a Commander, PL'ing for Minotaur at the moment. Not much has been going on, new pets, as you probably knew, and some weird D/C (disconnecting) happening to me. For some reason, when I d/c'ed, my monitor blacked out, and then the above pic popped up. It seems like a base template for all the wizzy101 character sheets and everything. Seems like the basic wiz is storm. Anyone know what these numbers could mean in terms of stat-building? Or are they just a bunch of lala? Lol, leave a comment? (Lame attempt for a comment ^_^) Well seeya around, I prolly won't be on until Sunday, got 'irl' stuff going on. Laterz

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well (weak title, eh?)

Hi all

It seems like I've said this millions of times, but I'll say it anyway. I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Starting school again I've been drifting farther and farther away from Wizzy101. As school has been dragging me away from Wizzy, it's already dragged a beast friend of mine, Garrett Dayhand, away too. This will be a goodbye post for one of my best Wizzy friends ever.

I met Garrett a few years ago, when the WizInfo bros were still here, I was beginning blogging, I was making a name for myself, and I was in the GWC. For those of you 'younglings' the GWC, or Grand Wizard Council, was a Council of a select few bloggers that formed a council to talk and help friends, etc.

The GWC had a few spinoff groups, namely the Wizards of the Round Table. I was Lancelot, and we were recruiting, and a name popped up, Garrett Dayhand. He ported to me, and I asked him. "Can I be a Jedi?" he asked. "Why? That's so random!" I said. Honestly, I was taken aback by the randomness of this, but it did have me smiling. I added him, and he became great friends with Alia Lotuspetal, of A Wizard101 Addict All was well, but Garrett ended up quitting, for the first time, because of school. He also deleted all of his friends that he knew to be bloggers. However, he didn't know that I was a blogger too, so I solely remained.

Garrett came back this summer, and me not seeing him for awhile, texted out, "GARRETT? NO WAY?!?!?" He gives a polite hello, and I say, "Weren't you friends with Alia Lotuspetal?" He says yes, and I'm like, "Wanna meet her again?" He's like, "Yeah totally!" They added, and Amber Rosepetal, me, Alia, and Garrett were inseperable for a few weeks. We were the fearsome four, the beastwizzies.

Then the Skype drama began, or rather, heated up again. I'm not mentioning names, AHEM, but these "Skype Wars" tore Alia, Amber, Garrett, and I apart, limb by limb. Garrett and I were attempted, and somewhat failed, to make a group that would help reunite everyone agan. We didn't start much, and we eventually decided it'd be better to drop it. I'll leak a picture or something sooner or later. Luckily, we bonded together again and all was well for awhile.

Now that school has started, Garrett is leaving. We were the inseparable bros, the ones who stuck it out through thick and thin. Now, one of us is leaving, possible both of us are leaving. Garrett wished us goodbye in touching comments on Alia's blog, but for the sake of your browsers, I'll post the comments here. ----------------------------------------------

Well, there's no easy way to put this- but I will be leaving Wizard101 in the near future. Just to let y'all know, it's no ones fault, this game has just lost its charm for me. I remember when last year, I'd log on and see a good 10 starred people on my friends list. Now, I'm lucky if I have 3. I'm just losing interest in everything, to be blunt with you all. Also between my irl life and school, its turning into a huge balancing act that I can't keep up. Now, I will try and come on every so often, but even when I stop, I'll always be following your blog, Alia. This year I returned too far too late. I've really had a great time playing this game over the past 2 years(tomorrow will be 2 exactly) and I hope the rest of you can keep holding on and continue. Heh, and my fanfiction, no way I'm quitting that. It finally got posted on the main Wiz101 site after 3 months, I'm not quitting that. Before I make this too lengthy I'd like to put down my top 10 people that made this long experience enjoying:

10: Arlen Dawneyes, we had some great times on Skype, some of those truth or dares were really... interesting? :P Either way have a great time continuing with this game. I'm still holding onto that 2018 E3 thing. xD. Just be there.

9: Thomas Lionblood:Thanks to you I discovered the blogging community, I remember in December of '09 as I was logging I saw a link to your site to help get crowns for mounts. Immediately I became hooked, I started reading all of the blogs and had a blast doing it.

8: Ronan Ravenshard:Ah, those were some wild times last year in March, April, and May. Leveling up, farming Jade Oni, and also, the Stupid Magnet episode. Now THAT truly makes me laugh as I read back.

7: Edward Lifegem:Your really a phenomanal blogger, during my 2 months of blogging myself I feel you really helped me with your encouragement. Thanks, it was appreciated.

6: Thomas Griffinrider:Though its been 1.5 years since I've even seen you online, you were my best mate, back in the noob days. Lol, it seems I need to put this into 2 separate comments. :P

5: Christina Rubygem(Stormhunter, Darkriver, Dragondust, etc.) You, I think I have known the longest. Even now I usually see you online every day pvping or doing what not. I remember back in the day, fighting Malistaire constantly, always begging some grandmaster to help us. My favorite, was no doubt the time when I(level 42) and you(28) managed to solo the entire dungeon after being abandoned by a grandmaster immediately after being let in. Those were 3 hours I never wanna do again. Even now my brother still plays so I feel we will get to talk many more times.

4: Mitchell Moontamer:You were my next best friend in game, you helped me do all of Mooshu in a week and helped in the long ardurous journey of DS(far harder back then). Even after I became grandmaster I still had a blast, pvping and partying all the time

3: Chase Willowweaver:Hahaha, your my bro, I still remember back this june how I realized you were one of my blogging contacts I hadn't deleted. Its been a great 3 months, I've really enjoyed my time back in the blogosphere, but I still need my duel with you.

2: Amber Rosepetal:Heh, what isn't there to say. You were there from the beginning with me in my blogging days, and definitely one of my best friends in here. I remember all those crazy times on skype, during my 4 months of time doing it. All in all it was great, but I feel its time for some new wizard to step in and take my place, as small as it was.

1: Alia Lotuspetal: Ahh, where to begin. I remember that night back on January 18th(I think) where I met you, it was at the end of the party and the only other blogger I had met was Amber at the time. Over the next 5 or so months it was great, I, a magus at the time, continued my journey to grandmaster and hung out with you guys whenever I could.

"The lonely night comes to an end, and I realize just how much time has really passed"

Even now, those words seem to keep me here, not wanting to leave. I just don't know, either way before I leave there is something I've been waiting a LONG time for.


Yep I'm sorry for making this as long as an entire blog post, but- I'm just hoping to give better reasons than last year. I promise, I will come on sometimes and I will be following your blog until the end. There's also something else I need to say to you in game. Well, it seems all I've got to say is pretty much out (I've been doing this on my iPod, impressive, eh?) and I'm kinda tired of typing... Lol. Anyway-Best regards ~~~~~Garrett Dayhand, the Prince of Myth. ___________________________________________________________________________

Well, thanks for being a beast bud, Garrett. It was tons of fun, and I DO hope you will come visit sometimes. If you don't, I might just have to steal your chainsaw and chase you back here :) We had beast times, some good, some bad, but the good ones will be the ones we all will remember. With the closing of one door, comes the opening of another door. Garrett is closing the door by leaving, and another might be opening, but for me. This might be a good time to close up the shop, and get on with my 'IRL' life. It's been fantastic here with everyone. I'm not sure of my decision yet, but I don't know if I could bear to leave all my friends here. Darnit, you're all too good! I probably will stay, but if I don't, you'll definitely get an 'official' bye bye post. Thanks for reading this extremely long post, and if you didn't, I suggest you do :)

Well, goodbye Garrett Dayhand!

Let us leave on a happy note, not a sad one.

The glass is always half full.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Huh??? OH YAY!

Hi all,

Well I'm probably the last one to announce this, but it seems that Wysteria is crossing over from Test Realm to Live Realm today! W00T! I'm sorta happy for a new world, I hope there will be new spells, though. I finally got enough time over the past 3 days to play Wizzy, and now there's maintenance for another 8 minutes. BLEH. Oh well. Patience young Padawan... Ah shattup Yoda. :P


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

EDIT---- Well my amazing Blogger skills sorta failed me, the pic didn't work out, just click the link 'The Shoes' -_- Techy Difficulties LOL-----

*All the other kids and their pumped up kicks you better run, better run, outrun my gun* That's a song: Pumped Up Kicks XD

Hi all,

Well I kinda have an off-topic post now. I got a new pair of kicks :D. Yeah, you know you want 'em. The Nike Lunar Vapor Tour 8's. Go get 'em. Pretty beast, eh? Sorry gotta have mah swag moment.


More like


Yeahuh. xD I think I posted a pic, if not, post a comment that I epic failed. AND, there's a link underneath. (If all went according to plan)

The Shoes <---- That's the link. IT WORKED YAY!

And above is a test linky. I dunno if it'll work, I'm experimenting with blogger today. Woohoo yay for testing!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Visual Post

Hi all, this will mainly be a visual post, so I will only be adding captaions. Yay!


Glitching my Storm House with the Pyromancer's Say!


......and more glitching! YAY!


Trapped in Narnia, not so yay!


Losing connection.... not so yay!

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Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi all

Sorry I haven't been posting lately---- was quite busy. Today was my last day of tennis camp, and this week I clocked 30+ hours of court time in 85 degrees and humid. It was super fun. Because of camp, I haven't been getting into the Spiral much or anything else. I have some 'newz' for you guys.

Well, starting off with the good news, well, I hit Legendary in wizzies like 2 weeks ago, but didn't announce it. So w00t!!! =)

Then the bad news, sadly, the bad news greatly outweighs the good news. As you all have probably heard, Norway, my second home, where I was 2 weeks ago, was bombed by a terrorist. The bomb shook the city, my dad's office building, and shattered lots of windows. Then to make matters worse, a gunman opened fire dressed as a policeman on a youth camp, killing over 80 kids. When you do the math, compared to the death count (90+) and Norway's overall population, those 90 deaths equaled 7,000 deaths in the USA. That's far worse than the World Trade Center. To top it off, Norway is a relatively open country so this will hit them hard. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegian people.

The other bad news is that since I hit Legend, I've gotten super bored with Wizzies. There are no goals for me anymore. The community (sorry!!!) seems bland compared to real life. All the drama and stuff just make me shake my head and sigh, because none of this stuff is real. It's a game. Not a life!! This game is what it says, a game, not a life. I hate how what people do and say in this "GAME" affects others so much. Shake it off because it doesn't matter! Sorry for a little rant, had to vent LOL

Well, that's pretty much it. I'll be staying on Wizzies, but might not be doing much. I hope to blog more in the future.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Of Wimby, not Wimpy, and Happy 4th of July!

Hi all,

So I've got some good news, and some bad news, and obviously, I will start with the good news! So if you're into tennis, which I definitely am, you watched the Wimbledon final last night! If it was an epic 4 setter, eventually ending with Novak Djokovic of Serbia winning over Rafael Nadal of Spain. I put my (fake) money on Djoker, and I was right! For a whole 2-3 hours my family and I were glued to the TV watching the match! So far this year, Djokovic has only lost 1, yes ONE, yes UNO matches this year. So congratz Djoker!!!

Now on the downside, one of my very good in-game friends, Morgrim Battlegem, AKA Garrett Dayhand, suffered a horrific injury last night while setting off fireworks last night. A rocket hit the chair next to Morgrim, and he blocked his body with his arm. Morgrim suffered a 3rd degree burn to his upper arm, which means the burn almost went all the way through the skin, muscle, and down to the bone. He spent a night in the ER, so I ask ALL of you My2Cents viewers, please comment below with a few kind words for Morgrim. Please also visit his blog :: theprinceofmyth.blogspot.com :: and comment there for him. All of our best wishes are with Morgrim now. Morgrim tells me he is extremely tired from his injury, but still he goes on and writes a 4th of July post for his blog viewers. So please help a true warrior, Morgrim. Thank you.

Also, happy 4th of July for all you Americans (like me) out there! This special day
celebrates the day our country became free, so be thankful! There are still many countries out there that are not free, so be happy for what you have.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back in the Spiral...and more!

This is an exciting time for the blog My2Cents. Jr Blogger, now known as Chase has returned to the blog with a passion to post about Wizards and other things important to him...tennis, travel, experiencing life! I think it's great that Chase has again returned to the Spiral and the blog. Why? Partly because I enjoy his musings and partly because it allows me to also post some thoughts, pictures and observations. Last but not least we enjoy reading your comments and knowing that you follow the blog (tell a friend) is cool.

So, in honor of the return to activity on My2Cents I offer up the picture above. More to come on subjects near and dear. Sr. Blogger.

Friday, July 1, 2011

35 Hours of Camp Later......

Hi all

So I got home about an hour ago from tennis camp here in Norway. I started on Monday, and it was great to get playing again after traveling so much. It was cool to meet new friends, learn the game in a different environment, and brush up on my Norwegian. Am I anywhere close to fluent yet? Nei. That means 'no.' Haha. Here's what we did throughout the week.

Monday:: It's raining, but we play through it for 2 hours. I slip on the baseline (stupid line) and get red clay on my behind. We're all soaked and decide to head in for lunch. We eat lunch and play ping pong. My coach tells me we will go on a 'little' run, and we end up running like 3 miles, and doing sprints soaking wet. When we got back to camp, we were all happy to have time to rest, and then my coach told us to do fitness! We did situps, pushups, and some other things. I'm ripped now *flex* well, I like to think that way at least haha.

Tuesday:: Not raining, in fact searing hot, we're all bacon by the end of the day. Played 5+ hours of tennis. Fun!

Wednesday, Thursday:: Same as Tuesday

Friday:: Last day of camp. We play lots of matches in the morning and doubles in the afternoon. Really fun. After tennis, it starts raining, but we play soccer. It was fun cause we were all like killing each other and pushing each other into bushes and stuff. In the last 5 minutes I tried to tackle my coach, but he picked me up, held me in the air, and shot a goal. Oh well.

Well that was pretty much my week, in Wizzy I leveled up gardening (rank 2 YEAH) did pvp, and found the yardbirds! Pretty good week.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Rug Glitches Galore!


My MB house


Thomas's House


Thomas's House


Belgrim's House

Hi all

So I've been fooling around a lot on Wizzy lately. I blew 30K on the MB Royal Estate, and have been decorating it quite a bit. One of the things I did was a rug glitch, which is one of those pics up there. I'm standing next to Amber Rosepetal (Saviors of the Spiral) and Morgrim BattleGem. We were hanging out for awhile in the basement of my MB house, and decided to take a pic outside. We call ourselves.........The Fearsome Threesome! It took us like 2 seconds to think of that, so please excuse the lame name. I: Also, you see me standing on a long blue rug UNDERNEATH, yes, underneath, my good buddy Belgrim TitanCatcher's Great Citadel. Among his collection, Belgrim, or Bell, as I like to call him, has a rug going outside is WC dorm and extending outside into the open air! Pretty cool, huh? You also see my friend Thomas's rug glitch, going UNDERNEATH his Fire House. I'm there with Morgrim, and you can look up into the house, with flames circling the roof. We actually fell off the rug into nothingness a couple times, and had to keep porting back up. All in good fun though! Just thought I'd give all these houses an Honorable Mention, because I think they deserve it!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The W101C Dilemna

Hi all

I've been on vacation lately, so I have been taking a break from the game. I am still surfing blogs and such, but am not in the actual Spiral. I visited Marleybone in real life, too! Pretty cool.... but enough of that now.

Something that has come to my attention is that the Evil Theurgist has been banned from Wizard101 Central. I myself am I member of that forum, and find the guides great. However I am thinking of deleting my account or attempting to delete my account after what has been happening as of late. I personally believe that Jester, the main admin, has been abusing his power as an admin. I have seen many great posters be banned, namely DerHund, Johnist, and Evil Theurgist.

Apparently, the Evil Theurgist attempted to remove a guide that he made about W101 Reagents a while ago. He said he had not updated it, so he asked for Jester to remove the guide and all forum gold that came to Evil Theurgist as result of it. Jester responded by banning Evil, and therefore (kinda) starting an issue in the blogging community. I now ask you all to post feedback about this! What do you believe that we should do? I don't care if you don't even play the game! Should we do something, or just lay low?!?!?

I also learned that Jester told Evil , "I have done nothing wrong by anyone’s standards and you are harassing me. I suggest you crawl back under whatever rock you came from." My apologies for Theurgist if I am taking info from his site, but I think this needs to come to attention. I don't wanna get in any Legal Trouble with this, but I thought this was an interesting topic to talk about. Now, my blog will not become a warzone, and I please ask you to not to start something REALLY bad for us.

Thanks, Chase

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Deck


Halla all
Well I'm PvP-ing with Amber Rosepetal right now. This my deck so she can see. Bye for now. Also viewers if you have PVP experience, feel free to post feedback on this setup. Thanks
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Double Woot!


Hi all

Well today was pretty cool in the WillowWeaver clan. I got some crowns, bought back my training points, bought a Myth mastery Amulet, and trained Myth to Earthquake. My new deck set up has changed dramatically, but I think it has changed for the better. Pics coming soon!

Now I know I haven't posted screenshots of the game for awhile. I am vying to break that streak now. Up above you see a pic of my Balance 52 (now 53 WOOT) posing in front of a sea of embers in the District of the Stars. The District is the final dungeon of Celestia. I went there helping my friend Dakota Dragonrider, and we were accompanied by a Myth 59, Lucas FireCoin. In a nutshell, we completely PWND the District! I'd like to congratulate Dakota for finishing Celestia, and I'd like to thank him for taking me because, well I leveled up! Amazing what 25k of experience can do for you, huh?

In my opinion, the highlight of the dungeon was when I was within about 500 HP's of one hitting the final Boss :P. I used a Mali Judge, and lemme tell you, it was PWNAGE! We crushed her in 5minutes flat, and I was super duper happy to be the one to (nearly) kill the boss. I hope the rest of CL will be this easy! (Excuse me while I have my 5 minutes of bragging rights. Thanks!)

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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hi all

So I some news worthy of a few WAHOOOS now. To kick it off, as you probably already know, I wrote a PvP guide to a Wiz Friend of mine. I logged on yesterday, and ported to him. Two days ago, his rank was 330, yesterday evening, it was 440!!! Woot! My advice worked! Congratz Dakota!

Also, My2Cents has reached 20 followers! It might not be much, but it is a milestone nonetheless. Thanks to all of you loyal followers!

Last, but not least, one of my pets has FINALLY gotten Spritely. I decided to buy a Mega Snack pack yesterday, and within a half hour, my Utility Dragon had leveled to adult and gained the Spritely Talent! I then transferred the pet to my Myth Wizard, Valkoor, for him to use in PvP!

All in all, a pretty fruitful day.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

General PvP Tips (Dakota DragonRider)

Normally I would say "Hi all," but today is a different matter. I am teaching a Legendary Life wiz, Dakota DragonRider, how to PvP effectively. Therefore, I will say, "Hi Dakota"

Hi Dakota,

I'm gonna teach you how to PvP. I am not a Life Wiz, or a Beast Warlord, but I am, however, experienced. I have dueled a total of about 320 matches. I hope that is enough.

1. Win the Pip War- always try to have more pips than your opponent. If you have more than them, it will make it easier to control the TEMPO, which I will get into later. If you have more pips than your opponent, you are winning the pip war.

2. Control the TEMPO- The Tempo is like the rate of the battle. It's a fast tempo if you are both under 1500 health and are attacking and healing like crazy. A slow tempo is like a tank match. Control the tempo by throwing up a shield. This will probably make your opponent try to break it, which wastes them a turn, and buys you one. Or attack, and make them heal. That wastes one of their turns, and pips, and you get a free turn to gather yourself.

3. Think of a strategy- For example, my strategy is speed. I go for quick big hits, like Spec Blast or Judge, and I go fast. If I am set for a tank deck, with lots of shields, I'm not going to be going for quick hits. That is why it's important to know your strategy.

4. Know your deck- I have a small deck, so I get the cards I want fast. The bigger the deck, the harder it is to get the cards you want, when you want them. Use this information when building your deck. Make a rough draft of your deck, do a duel or practice duel, and keep a list of what cards you are discarding or not using. You will probably take these cards away, to slim down your deck for the next draft. Repeat this until you feel like you have what you need, and not everything else for EVERY possibility



Clash of the Titans (err, Wizards)

Hi all
I just participated in an hour long 1v1 match in the Arena. My opponent was a level 40 (WOW) Life in full arena gear. I was using my new minion deck that I found off of Central, thanks to Jake. Thank you Jake! On the otherhand, our match took an hour, and I still lost. I'm not sure I'll be using the deck again. Oh well! Time to go back to my DerHund quick attack deck! I might even try another minion deck by DerHund. I'll post a pic of the deck setup later. That's all for now! And also, if you didn't already, please visit the below post!


March of the Vikings

Hi all
So as you might know, my dad's job is in the TV business in Norway. He lives with Mom and I in Florida most of the time, but he frequently flies up to Norway to work. So every summer, Mom and I fly up to Norway for a month and a half. I am actually typing this blog post to you from Norway right now!

Grizzleheim is also modeled after Norway's forests and such, and I must say, KingsIsle did a great job! Savarstaad Pass actually reminded me of the woods here.

On the downside, Norway is 6 hours ahead of EST time, and 9 hours ahead of WST (?) or Cali time. The time difference will make it difficult to hang out with in-game buddies, but I guess changes can be made for when I play. Just wanted to bring that to notice. Another downside is the KI makes their maintenance times at like 4 in the morning Cali time, so I can't go on W101 in the morning or afternoon. /: Oh well haha. Guess I'll just camp out in WizzyCentral!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back in Action

Hi all (If anyone is still here)
I have finally decided to return to the blogging and Wizard101 Realm! After quite a long sabbatical, I believe now is the time for me to pick up the wand and continue casting.

While I was gone, quite a few notable things occurred in the Spiral. For one, Gardening, which I still have no idea how to do. Wintertusk, which I have not reached, and numerous Crowns items. I am now trying to level up in Celestia, and find myself battling through the Grotto. Additionally, I am trying to level up my pets, but to no avail. I wasted 2000 crowns on a Mega-Snack pack, and who knows how many on that new Dragon's Hoard. The only things worth their weight were 2 pairs of crown boots. Their stats are as follows:

DragonRider's Assailing Shoes:
130 Health
3% Power Pips
2% Accuracy
9% Tough
1 Polymorph Bandit card

Another pair of DragonRider's Assailing Shoes, but with different stats:
120 Health
6 Pet Energy Max
4% Power Pips
5% Accuracy
10 Critical Rating
1 Unstoppable Card

In my opinion, decent, but not worth it. I also received a Utility Dragon, with a Pedigree (?) of 63. It also had 3 Epic Talent Slots. "Nice," I said, proceeding to waste a Mega-Snack Pack to get the little Dragon to Teen. "Congratulations, your pet has leveled up to Teen," the screen read. And guess what talent I got? Myth Boost. I get 1% Myth boost for wasting a 2,000 Crown Snack Pack. Oh boy...

I have also been PvP-ing quite a bit, and have tried out a new strategy. Reading a guide by DerHund on WizzyCentral, I learned that small decks are better. Copying his exact specs and deck, I am now 5-1 in PvP. Thanks DerHund! I have been transferring your knowledge to my other Balance friends too! Thanks!

All in all, I'm attempting to catch up with the hustle-and-bustle of Wizarding that I missed out on for so long. I hope to see you all in the Spiral!