Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which direction forward?????


I am still thinking about JR's decision to stop participating on Wizard101. W101 was a big part of his early experiences with MMO's . Now his focus is changing and he is choosing some new paths forward. As we move forward in life we will come to what are known as "cross roads". Coming upon these crossroads will never end. We all have to make a decision on the direction we will choose. Will we go this way or that? Most of the time we will not know what the path we choose will hold for us. Will it be challenging or easy? Will it be dangerous or safe? How should I decide? Difficult as these decisions may seem we all have to remember that every single human being before us on this wonderful Earth was faced with similar choices.
I find that remembering my past and learning from it, seeking council from family and frineds and teachers and going with what "seems good and right" has been the best way to choose the next path before me when I'm at the crossroads. That's just My2Cents. Have a great day!
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Have a great day!

See the Sun Rise!  I'm in a very positive mood today and thought I
would share with all of you!  SR. Blogger

What Never Say Never really means to me!

Sometimes the path forward is straight and smooth and sometimes it has bumps and turns.  After reading JR's post I started thinking about the "past" not the future.  I believe that so many of JR's experiences on Wizard101 have been quite positive.  He has improved his typing skills from "lol" to full speed ahead writing! The communication and interaction he has had with all his fellow players has often been the topic of conversation around our dinner table!  I am sure playing and participating in W101 has sparked his creativity just like it has for so many of you.  That surely is a very positive experience to have and share.  In conclusion to this "post looking to the past" I say be happy and proud of all your experiences on the W101 site.  You may choose to move on down the winding path in front of you (life) but don't forget all the steps you took to get to this point....and "never say never" but then that's just My2Cents worth of thinking on this beautiful morning. SR. Blogger.

Never Say Never

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hi Again?

First I'd like to offer my most sincere apologies about my large absence from the blogosphere. 'Real' Life has been quite busy, with new additions of sports, music, school, etc. It seems that I have been away from the realm of blogging for far too long, 3 whole months!

I'd just like to catch up a little and get back into the swing of things. I am sorry to say that I have officially quit Wizard101. After nearly 2 long years of playing, I find myself losing interest in the MMO phenom and think it's time to throw in the towel.

Over the course of my 'career' I have made over 100 great friends through the world of PvP, blogging, and the game itself. I'd like to thank my first-ever W101 friend Elizabeth Fairygem for helping thru nearly 4 worlds! Next to thanks is Dustin and David from W101 Info for giving me fantastic tips and helping me advertise my blog, I'll never forget that post you made about me! I'd also like to give some brownie points to the entire W101 community in whole! I've played numerous MMOs before W101, but never before have I experienced such a booming and welcoming community as Wizard101's. Wizard 101 Central is a great way to link up with your buds and the blogsphere is just fantastic! But really, my greatest thanks deserves to go to KingsIsle for creating this fantastic MMO and simply allowing all this community to blossom and explode into a beautiful flower! (Lol turd joke) If not for the community, I'd most definitely left the game years ago!

Now that I have announced that I am leaving the world of wizarding, I'd like to make ANOTHER announcement. Just a few tips to you MMO fanatics out there: Take a break from the game! I know you hear this ALL the time from family, friends, whatever, but really, taking a break allows your brain to settle in and really take in the beauty and possibilities of the world! For example, I used to be a W101 player ALL THE TIME. This didn't allow me to really look at the beauties of the world and such. Now that I have quit, I have already found new interests, like drawing and writing. I have even started reading more! Just my2cents, but I think it's not good to waste up precious time on the computer when you only have so long to live. (70-80 years might seem like a lot, but really time flies!)

Although I am quitting the gameplay world of w101, I'll still be checking in on blogs until I am very content with my decision. So far, so good! I'm going to keep blogging about things I think deserve recognition, so keep checking back for new posts! They just might not be about wizard101 anymore.

So, in a nutshell I'd like to thank the FANTASTIC! community of W101, the very game of W101, and the people IN the game. Thanks everyone! I hope to see you around!

Signing out