Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Road to Holmenkollen

The Road to Holmenkollen:

Holmenkollen is a mountain located in Norway. It is an annual My2Cents Family tradition to hike this giant hill/mountain. Today we went hiking in Holmenkollen...

First, we took a tram to the bus stop. The tram was very cool because on Sundays, the modernized trams are left at the stations and the refurbished old time trams are used. Dad, Mom, and I got to stand on the caboose sort of thing! The open air, along with the rattle, rattle, of the old tram made a VERY exciting adventure. It seemed that every turn we took nearly tossed us off!!! After about 15 minutes, we stopped at the Majoustra bus stop.

The bus ride was quite long, lasting maybe 25-35 minutes. I think we got off at the wrong bus stop, because, abnormally, we had to walk ALL the way up the mountain. * whew * One of our first obstacles, or should I say activities was to climb numerous, flimsy rope bridges tied to trees. My parents did not climb, but simply walked while I risked my butt TRYING to climb up a 20 foot tree and then briskly sliding now a rope. (Maybe not so briskly. More like painful) After that, we took a picture of a few rock sculptures, such as a moose and a very interesting interpretation of some Norwegian Deity.

Towards the top of the mountain, we came upon a lake that is normally frozen, but on this summer day, it was crystal clear, and you could even see straight to the bottom. I found an old branch and played in the water for a while. A few times, I dug out some slime or algae from a hole in a rock. (Ewwww) After a while, we hiked the last stretch of mountain to a restaurant built in 1891. I had some Norwegian meat balls. * YUMMY! * And for desert, I had 1 meringue, 1 huge chocolate chip cookie, 1 bottle of Coke, and 1 glass of milk. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!) I felt like I was gonna throw up for like an hour. Not fun... Yeah Dad, I learned my lesson I: After that, we were too tired to walk ALL the way down the mountain, so we took another bus and another tram. I fell asleep on the ram. I: I haven't taken a nap like that for 6 years. :D Lol. That was my day. Pics to come soon if I can load up Dad's camera to his MacBook.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Rip-offs and Renewals

Of rip-offs and renewals. Was I unknowingly ripped off? Was I forced to renew? Yes and yes. My W101 membership, which I payed $60 for, has recently ended. * flash back * "Dad, can I buy a membership?" "Sure senior." Ahhhh, that was exactly 1 year and 4 days ago. But that year was not everlasting. My membership has ended, and KingsIsle ripped me off and took another $60 dollars because I forgot to cancel my membership. Did I receive an e-mail telling me I had 24 hours of membership time left? Nope. Just a scam to steal your $$. I am not accusing of KI of stealing my money, they were simply doing their job, which is making money. I am simply posting a reminder to all you paying Wizards, CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIPS WHEN THEY ARE GONNA BE OVER SOON!! Now, I have to either waste 60 nice, crisp, green, bucks, or keep playing W101. Clever, KingsIsle, clever. And sly. Very sly. . . What other things do you have up your sleeves?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bye Myth Master

Yep. It's gone. One of the blogs I read. The Myth Master. I guess people are cutting the ties to W101, now. Ah, disregard that last line. I'm listening to November Rain, and it's a kind of sad rock song. I listen to loud music, I act loud. Sad music, I act sad. My brain is hotwired for rock music. Lol. Last week, Amber Stargem announced that she would be forever closing her blog, The Myth Master. She told us that we only had 1 week to read her blog until she deleted it. That week ends now. I've already tried to access the blog twice, but to no avail. It appears she deleted it already. Goodbye Myth Master. . . Oh and I went to a buddy's house yesterday for dinner. He likes ventriloquist dolls. And diablos. And juggling. And guitar. All of those things are so FUN to do. He even let me try diablo-ing. If you wanna see some EXPERT ventriloquist skills, go to it's AWESOME. This guy is hilarious!!! Oh and, guys, please help me find somewhere I can help my friend buy a ventriloquist doll. He really wants one. And I don't know where to get it. eBay, anything. Just tell me. Thanks all.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The World Cup

The World Cup. The ultimate test of skill and stamina for soccer players around the world. Are you up for the test?

Lol. That was just a little commercial-ly do thingy that I made up while watching USA battle the UK in an epic battle of wills and soccer/football skills. The UK scored early in the game, and US goalie, ________ Howard, was slide-tackled clete first square into his chest. Screaming in pain, the goalie did not think he could continue the game. But after 5 minutes of injury time-out, he thought he was fit and ready enough to continue. This set the US players to a more Defensive style, and had most of their players down by their goal, fending off over 10 goal attempts by British star, Wayne Roone. But the US did not give up. Late in the first half, USA pushed ahead and scored a single goal. It would be their first, and their last. After over 45 minutes of attack, fall back, attack, fall back, by the UK, and defend, move back, defend, move back, the game ended at a draw. That goes to show that even the underdogs, USA, can rise up to the challenge and fend off one of the greatest football/soccer teams in the world. Stay tuned for more updates on the World Cup.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Posting From a Different Computer

The title pretty much explains it. I´m at Sr. Bloggers work office! He just gave Mom and me a great tour of the building. I almost even wanna work now! (Lol). Dad`s got a double screen computer. That basically means that his computer is a DOUBLE computer. Cool, eh? I can browse Wizard 101 Central on one screen, and write this post to you on the other!!! How cool is that??? I`m not sure if it´s some type of software or something. Also, I am typing on a Norwegian keyboard!!! It is very hard. I have no idea where the correct apostrophe key is. here are some of the different letters from the keyboard

§ £ å € ø æ µ ¤

Cool right??? See you all later. I am going to go have some hot "shock o late" now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My new Playlist :D

Yeah another "quick" announcement. Lol not even close. Sorry for posting a million times in one day . . . feel free to check that last post that I do a good 5 minutes ago.

I just thought, since I'm so excited about it, I'd tell you about my new iTunes playlist! My mom and I share an iTunes account, but when we bought a new laptop, we had our iTunes accounts on REALLY old computers that didn't even work. The rule is, you're only allowed to have 5 iTunes accounts on any family of computers. After learning that, Mom and I had to de-authorize all of our accounts. Sadly, this lost us all of our songs. Stinks, huh? A whole 500 songs and movies wasted. I basically gave up, but Mom, being Mom, wanted to turn this into a "learning experience." We had a big talk about that on the local bus, and Mom decided to get our songs back.

After 5 hours of sleeping on the couch, pulling our hair out, moaning, groaning, and pain, we finally got out songs back!!! In celebration, Mom decided to spend another 1 1/2 hours making a playlist, which we named Norway 2010. Here it is :P

1. Viva la Vida
2. Bubbly
3. Whatcha Say
4. I'm Yours
5. Alejandro
6. Heartbreak Warfare
7. Breakaway
8. Live like we're Dying
9. Waiting for the World to Change
10. Show me What I'm Looking For

And basically 23 other songs. In all, if you listened to the playlist, it would take 2.3 hours to get our last song, November Rain by Guns and Roses


Hope you like :P


Just a Quick Announcement

Just a quick announcement before "Din-din" You probably (hopefully) already noticed that My2cents-ok has a new template! Thought the book theme would be fitting because after all, My2Cents really is a "well rounded" blog. Or at least that was the idea. :P Just wanted to give you all the heads up just in case you thought some crazy dude hacked my blog and took over the world, or just my blog. Yeah. If that happened, I'd REALLY bring it on to that hacker. * gets ready to spam like crazy on that guys email * Alrighty! :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Quite Crowded at 3:52 in the Mornin'

Cause I'm visiting Dad in Norway, we're in a different time zone, so basically, we're 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time, and 9 hours ahead of Western Time. Cool, eh? Logging on, I saw that there was a Scheduled Maintenance going on. Let's see what happens, I told myself. I'd only been kicked out of a Maintenance before last year, on the same date LOL! After I logged on, I switched realms to Ambrose, Area 1 to see how many people were up at near 4:00 in the morning. You wouldn't believe it! The Commons was SO crowded. Not just like hmm, 10 people. This was like 50 people just running around and talking and whatnot. Since I'm on a new computer, I don't have Picasa 3, and therefore do not know how to post my screenshots. If I find them, I will most definitely post them later on, because this was very, very, strange. But after all, I'm not usually up at 4:00 in the morning, so maybe that's how crowded it is everyday. Any suggestions? EDIT: I even met Christo DeathGiver!!! Some of you might know or heard of him from W101C. Mercenaries for Hire? That's him! Probably one of the nicest, strongest, coolest, awsesomest,wizards in the Spiral. Just a little update from Celebrity Way by Chase. * Lady Gaga starts singing * Paparazzi!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Absence . . .

My absence. I'm sorry about it. My last post was ah, over 2 weeks ago. Life has been busy. Dad flew to Norway, Mom is working, and me, well, I just finished my Final Exams last week. I'm writing to you from my laptop in Norway right now. Yep, that country all the way up north. I'm 6 hour ahead of you eastern-time guys reading right now. Right now, it's 7:39. But for eastern time, it's 1:39 in the morning. Weird, eh? That is just a heads up that I am NOT dead, NOT in a coma, and NOT done with blogging.

That game we know and love. Wizard 101. When I first started it, it was the best thing on the planet. All my friends in-real-life played it, and I was as happy as could be. It was all simple back then. But now, there are so many updates, and things that take the "originality" out of the game. I feel like I'm playing an entirely differently game. I probably only have 1 of my buddies from Krok still on my list. Also, I have finally come to notice, "Why in this crazy world am I paying cash to play a game?" I'm not accusing KI of anything.I know it's their job to make moolah. I'm just stating my thoughts, and it feels really good to blab out something. :) All in all, I just want you to know that while I will probably cancel my membership, I will NOT quit W101, but if I do, I'll always be on Central.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of the greatest movies every. Some of the greatest stories ever. I just HAD to play it!!! Additionally, our dear friend Sammeh Watercaster was perma banned from W101, and like he says, once it's over, why should you start? He made a new blog, the Plundering Privateer, too. Although he's only had 1 post, I can tell that blog is destined for greatness. Why? Cause it has a kewlio header and template. Lol. Just kdding. The writing is good too. If you wanna meet me on "PotCO" my name is Edward Mcmorrigan, Level 9 Notority. I have a Light Frigate ship, named the Wave Chariot, and my main Capn is usually Sam Seamonk if he is online. I'm usually haunting ol' Tortuga or plundering the seas in search of the Jolly Roger. That's my life. Lol. I'm not done with W101, just putting a little less time into it. There's not much to do when you're a level 48 that's already finished the Questline. I:

One of the oldest blogs I ever read, the Myth Master, has closed. Amber announced it in a final goodbye a few days ago. Sure, we've had some quarrels. I take that back. We have literally gotten virtual swords in the game and tried to kill each other over who got the first piece of virtual chicken leg. But we've calmed down as the months have passed. Sort of. Well, I just wanted to say g'bye to a great blogger and friend. I hope you have fun at whatever you're going to do instead of blogging now. Oh yeah, I heard she's not done with the GAME, just BLOGGING. Well, I'm off to steal that chicken leg, then!!!

I hope I updated you well on what's going on in my life right now, and now that it's summer I'm going to be blogging more frequently than ever. Ever if it's not about W1i01.

-Jr Blogger