Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which direction forward?????


I am still thinking about JR's decision to stop participating on Wizard101. W101 was a big part of his early experiences with MMO's . Now his focus is changing and he is choosing some new paths forward. As we move forward in life we will come to what are known as "cross roads". Coming upon these crossroads will never end. We all have to make a decision on the direction we will choose. Will we go this way or that? Most of the time we will not know what the path we choose will hold for us. Will it be challenging or easy? Will it be dangerous or safe? How should I decide? Difficult as these decisions may seem we all have to remember that every single human being before us on this wonderful Earth was faced with similar choices.
I find that remembering my past and learning from it, seeking council from family and frineds and teachers and going with what "seems good and right" has been the best way to choose the next path before me when I'm at the crossroads. That's just My2Cents. Have a great day!
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Have a great day!

See the Sun Rise!  I'm in a very positive mood today and thought I
would share with all of you!  SR. Blogger

What Never Say Never really means to me!

Sometimes the path forward is straight and smooth and sometimes it has bumps and turns.  After reading JR's post I started thinking about the "past" not the future.  I believe that so many of JR's experiences on Wizard101 have been quite positive.  He has improved his typing skills from "lol" to full speed ahead writing! The communication and interaction he has had with all his fellow players has often been the topic of conversation around our dinner table!  I am sure playing and participating in W101 has sparked his creativity just like it has for so many of you.  That surely is a very positive experience to have and share.  In conclusion to this "post looking to the past" I say be happy and proud of all your experiences on the W101 site.  You may choose to move on down the winding path in front of you (life) but don't forget all the steps you took to get to this point....and "never say never" but then that's just My2Cents worth of thinking on this beautiful morning. SR. Blogger.

Never Say Never

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hi Again?

First I'd like to offer my most sincere apologies about my large absence from the blogosphere. 'Real' Life has been quite busy, with new additions of sports, music, school, etc. It seems that I have been away from the realm of blogging for far too long, 3 whole months!

I'd just like to catch up a little and get back into the swing of things. I am sorry to say that I have officially quit Wizard101. After nearly 2 long years of playing, I find myself losing interest in the MMO phenom and think it's time to throw in the towel.

Over the course of my 'career' I have made over 100 great friends through the world of PvP, blogging, and the game itself. I'd like to thank my first-ever W101 friend Elizabeth Fairygem for helping thru nearly 4 worlds! Next to thanks is Dustin and David from W101 Info for giving me fantastic tips and helping me advertise my blog, I'll never forget that post you made about me! I'd also like to give some brownie points to the entire W101 community in whole! I've played numerous MMOs before W101, but never before have I experienced such a booming and welcoming community as Wizard101's. Wizard 101 Central is a great way to link up with your buds and the blogsphere is just fantastic! But really, my greatest thanks deserves to go to KingsIsle for creating this fantastic MMO and simply allowing all this community to blossom and explode into a beautiful flower! (Lol turd joke) If not for the community, I'd most definitely left the game years ago!

Now that I have announced that I am leaving the world of wizarding, I'd like to make ANOTHER announcement. Just a few tips to you MMO fanatics out there: Take a break from the game! I know you hear this ALL the time from family, friends, whatever, but really, taking a break allows your brain to settle in and really take in the beauty and possibilities of the world! For example, I used to be a W101 player ALL THE TIME. This didn't allow me to really look at the beauties of the world and such. Now that I have quit, I have already found new interests, like drawing and writing. I have even started reading more! Just my2cents, but I think it's not good to waste up precious time on the computer when you only have so long to live. (70-80 years might seem like a lot, but really time flies!)

Although I am quitting the gameplay world of w101, I'll still be checking in on blogs until I am very content with my decision. So far, so good! I'm going to keep blogging about things I think deserve recognition, so keep checking back for new posts! They just might not be about wizard101 anymore.

So, in a nutshell I'd like to thank the FANTASTIC! community of W101, the very game of W101, and the people IN the game. Thanks everyone! I hope to see you around!

Signing out


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lost the Battle But Won the War

Lost the Battle But Won the War

Today was an on-court war. After buying a new Dunlop Aerogel 4D tennis racquet, a bag, and Kirschbaum Pro Line II strings, I've been playing the best tennis of my life. I decided to put myself to the test and battle it out with Juniors from all over Florida in a tennis tournament located in XXXXXX XXXXX. I had a bye to the Quarter-finals. Yay...

My first match was against a kind of friend named XXXXXXX. It wasn't much of a challenge. It was over in like 45 minutes and I won 8-2. My next match was scheduled to be at 11:00.

My next match was against the number 1 seed who looked like a defensive line-man all the way from the University of Florida. "Oh geez, this'll be tough." In the whole match, we only had 1 hold of serve. Every game was a break.

It went 1-1. 2-2. 3-3. 4-4. We were nearly dying from the heat. Our first 4 games went 7 deuces each. 5-5. 6-6.

Now we were nearly on the floor. 85 degrees with 30% humidity isn't easy on the body. I looked to where my coach and family was watching. This time I saw a few new faces. It was my friend XXXXX and his brother XXXX. This brought me newfound strength and a little bit of eagerness to end this match.

6-7. This guy really had me on my heels. If I didn't break him now the match would be out of my grasp.

It went to a deuce. "Oh for the love of goodness I hope this guy will have a heat stroke or just die or something," I thought in vain.

But my luck was out. He bombed a body serve and my forehand crashed into the tape of the net.

The next point was my last. He hit a nice kick serve and a hit an awkward backhand slice. He got REALLY lucky then. He hit a forehand on the frame and it tipped the net and plopped over. "Are you kidding me? AGAIN?"

Despite losing, I felt I was playing quite well and I think I'll have a good shot at my next tournament. All in all, it was a pretty productive day.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day weekend fun and sun!


Hi, it's SR. Blogger once again posting after a long delay! JR Blogger and family went to a little hideaway we enjoy in the Florida Keys. For those of you who don't live in the US or have not heard of the term "keys" in relationship to "Florida" as in Florida Keys let me explain. The Florida "Keys" are a long string of tiny islands that stretch from just south of Miami Florida to the Southernmost point of the continental United States. That most Southern point is called Key West. Even though it is South it is West! Go figure! :) Anyway, Mom, Jr. Blogger and Sr. Blogger decided to head South....towards Key West....but we stopped about half way along this long string of beautiful islands. We stopped on an island called Islamorada. (Whoever can post a comment about what Islamorada means will win a big big SMILE! Sorry, no gold crowns for Wizard 101 or even any sunken pirate treasure. Just a great big smile.) Like the sun which rises and sets over the beautiful Florida Keys. This picture is just a small sampling of how the "keys" look. I will post more (and maybe JR. will too) in the next day or so when I finish all my "work"!!

I tried to get at least one post up after the trip and "tease" you with more of the great adventure we had in the Keys. Just to keep you "hooked" (although we didn't fish) we could be posting some great pictures of incredible fish, skies and the dangerous weather which can come up so quickly along these island pearls called keys. It's an exciting place filled with adventures, interesting people and animals and the legends of pirates! That's My2Cents on the Keys...and more to come.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glorious days of summer!


Hello all you faithful followers of My2Cents. It's SR Blogger once again. I promised yesterday to come back today and post some pictures of the last days of summer (2010) from Oslo Norway. True to my word here they are!

These are pictures are of the beautiful Oslo Fjord. JR. Blogger, Mom Blogger and I spent many weeks this summer overlooking this beautiful part of Norway. In the summer time Norway has many days of great weather. The sky is bright blue and the clouds are pure white. The days are very long and bright. We have been walking around Oslo at 10pm (22:00) and the sun light was nearly as bright as you see in these pictures. These long days provide lots of opportunities to explore, hike and enjoy life.

Summer is drawing to a close and the weather is getting colder, the daylight hours are shorter and the leaves are turning bright colors. Soon summer 2010 will be just a memory and Norway will be heading into the Fall and Winter seasons. Change is good and you have to go with the "flow". But then that's just My2Cents. Have a great day everyone!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Lives...He Returns...He's Sorry


Hi Everyone it's me Sr. Blogger. I must start this post by saying how sorry I am to have been "missing in action". It has been a very busy few months (almost 4) and I have neglected this very special site that JR Blogger has maintained. Our family has been in many different countries....Norway, Sweden, and the USA over the past months and while JR Blogger has found (made) time to post I have been very lazy. My excuses are legendary. "I'm too tired"..."I want to post when I have a picture that matters"..."I don't have anything interesting to post"....but the truth is I WAS TOO LAZY. For that I humbly say: "SORRY".

Today I almost didn't post again and my excuse was "I can't remember how to post pictures"! But I had given my word to JR Blogger that I would at very least get something up on the blog. So, today I POST.

I will have a positive attitude and try my best as we go forward to post more often about interesting things!

Being in Norway at this time of year is quite nice. With the temperature about 21 C (70F) it is quite great to walk around the lovely city of Oslo. You can search the blog and see pictures on some of my posts from winter in Oslo when the temperatures were much -15c/5f. Now that's cold! I will try and take some picturers tomorrow of the city in all its' end of summer glory and post them. (Now I am excited to be back posting!! )

It is quite amazing to me that I can fly from our home in South Florida where the temperatures are hovering around 33c/92f and then after a 7 hour flight be in this nice comfortable weather. Alas, I will be retuning to the "oven" shortly.

Well, this long boring post must come to an end. (cheers are heard around the world!) I promise to post a more interesting post before I leave to return home. I just wanted you all to know (I hope some cared) that SR Blogger is alive, well, happy to be back posting and very sorry to abandon you great followers of JR Bloggers site. It's GREAT to be back! But then again that's just My2Cents. Have a great day.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Long Day

A Long Day

Well, it's been a long day.

I just got home from playing 3 hours of tennis at a local Academy USTA Tournament. I lost in the Consolation Finals to a guy that always got his first serve in at like 65-70 miles an hour. Ouch. In the end, it was 8-5. I lost, but it was a fantastic match. According to my parents, "They were on their toes and biting their nails the whole match."

Literally minutes after the match ended, the Lightning Meter in the clubhouse went off! I can remember it like it was 2 hours ago. Oh wait. It was 2 hours ago. WEEEE OOOOO WEEEE OOOO! Then it starting thunder-ing and lightning-ing. BOOM! CA-RASH!!!

At home, I took an ice bath *shivers.* That was VERY cold, but it is a good reliever for your muscles after any type of athletics. After I got out, I donned my robe and relaxing clothes and read a Tennis Magazine. Did you know that Serena Williams is training to work in a Nail Salon and be a 'Professional' nail person do-er person. (Serena is the #1 ladies player IN THE WORLD) Cool eh. Well that's all for now.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ravenwood Radio, Home, and Everything in Between





Hi all,

To kick it off, the My2Cents family's travels are finally over, and we flew back home just the day before last. What a relief it is to finally sleep in our own beds and sit at our own desks while playing W101! Home sweet home eh?

Also, since I had a cold yesterday (*sigh*) I got to play lots of W101! (YAY!) I've been PvPing a lot on my characters. Valkoor Willowweaver, Valerian Willowweaver, and Chase Willowweaver. It's tough. At least I haven't met any bolters. *Shudder*

Congrats to Ravenwood Radio for another fantastic show! I was only there for the last few minutes, but it was great! Shout out to Friendly! My favorite part was when I heard little Diapermancer in the background. AWWW so cute. And guess what? At the after party, I added Kevin Battleblood's alt, and Valerian Nightbringer of Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards! Nice meeting you guys!

Lastly, it is to my great joy and honor to announce that after MANY months of stalling, procrastinating, and such, I have finally reached Grandmaster!!! WOOT! With the help of some friends irl, I was able to hit grand and gain 2 levels in 2 days FLAT. Nice, yes? After I hit Grand, we went and did Briskbreeze, blew through that, and then went the warehouse, blew through that! It feels good to be a grand LOL.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day, eh? Pictures of the Ravenwood Radio after party above. Click to enlarge.

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Monday, July 26, 2010


That pretty much says it all.

I was just in the most relaxing, warm, awesome bathtub with jets in my life XD.

After playing tennis for 6 hours today, it was a relief to FINALLY get some rest, and, ahhhhhh, take a dip in the tub. In Norway, the primary way of cleaning is a shower, which I am fine with, but I need my bath once in a while O.o I was so happy haha. Well that's kind of all. . . Lol.

It brings back memories of jumping in the ice cold pool in the Keys and then hopping right into the warm jacuzzi. Ahhh, memories. That's got me thinking, Dad, when we move, can we get a jacuzzi? Just a thought :D

~Chase (who is very relaxed ahhhhh)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wherever the Wind Shall Take Us

Hullo all.

Sorry for not posting... I've been very busy in real life with traveling! Where are we now, you ask? Well, recently, the My2Cents family took a 5 hour long train ride to Boston, MA! Ah, memories. Sort of. Mom went to college at Harvard, so she's basically our tour guide. A day after we arrived in Boston, my good friends from Home took a plane all the way here just to see us. (Well, actually, they came here to sight-see)

So far, we've been on a Duck Tour, which is basically a boat on wheels from WWII, we've been on like 5 trolley buses, we've gone to an Aquarium and we've played Hacky-sack for 2 hours. Despite all of these fun activities, my favorite activity was probably going to the Navy/Pirate Museum and seeing the USS CONSTITUTION!!! Yep, for all you PotCO fans, that's a HUGE, ORIGINAL, battleship from the Civil War. (And Beyond haha) I counted, and it like 40 cannons and broadsides all together! It was CRAZY! I loved it! I took so many pictures! But, alas, I cannot post thy pictures for, thee can't have thy's card-reader. (I just wanted to do a little bit o' pirate talking! Fine I'll stop /shrug) Yeah, so I'll post pictures when I can load the camera up the laptop. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas! Well actually, the My2Cents family has found ourselves mingling with the Swedish people, in Gotenborg, Sweden. So let's start over. Welcome to Gotenborg!

Our journey began in Oslo, Norway. We had been there for 1 month and finally, it was time to move out. We packed our bags, and called up a taxi, which took us to a train station.

After 5 hours of watching my favorite show on the laptop, Mythbusters, we reached the final train stop. We exited the train. It was POURING, literally raining buckets. Within moments, we were soaked to the bone. We finally reached our bus, which would transport us the last stretch of the journey, Gotenborg.

During the bus, I watched the 3 Stooges on Dad's iPhone. Funny . . . Then, suddenly, I had a brainstorm. True friends, was the topic. My paragraph(s) are/is coming soon!

So now y'all know what I did today. HAGS! (have a good summer)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Road to Holmenkollen

The Road to Holmenkollen:

Holmenkollen is a mountain located in Norway. It is an annual My2Cents Family tradition to hike this giant hill/mountain. Today we went hiking in Holmenkollen...

First, we took a tram to the bus stop. The tram was very cool because on Sundays, the modernized trams are left at the stations and the refurbished old time trams are used. Dad, Mom, and I got to stand on the caboose sort of thing! The open air, along with the rattle, rattle, of the old tram made a VERY exciting adventure. It seemed that every turn we took nearly tossed us off!!! After about 15 minutes, we stopped at the Majoustra bus stop.

The bus ride was quite long, lasting maybe 25-35 minutes. I think we got off at the wrong bus stop, because, abnormally, we had to walk ALL the way up the mountain. * whew * One of our first obstacles, or should I say activities was to climb numerous, flimsy rope bridges tied to trees. My parents did not climb, but simply walked while I risked my butt TRYING to climb up a 20 foot tree and then briskly sliding now a rope. (Maybe not so briskly. More like painful) After that, we took a picture of a few rock sculptures, such as a moose and a very interesting interpretation of some Norwegian Deity.

Towards the top of the mountain, we came upon a lake that is normally frozen, but on this summer day, it was crystal clear, and you could even see straight to the bottom. I found an old branch and played in the water for a while. A few times, I dug out some slime or algae from a hole in a rock. (Ewwww) After a while, we hiked the last stretch of mountain to a restaurant built in 1891. I had some Norwegian meat balls. * YUMMY! * And for desert, I had 1 meringue, 1 huge chocolate chip cookie, 1 bottle of Coke, and 1 glass of milk. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!) I felt like I was gonna throw up for like an hour. Not fun... Yeah Dad, I learned my lesson I: After that, we were too tired to walk ALL the way down the mountain, so we took another bus and another tram. I fell asleep on the ram. I: I haven't taken a nap like that for 6 years. :D Lol. That was my day. Pics to come soon if I can load up Dad's camera to his MacBook.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Rip-offs and Renewals

Of rip-offs and renewals. Was I unknowingly ripped off? Was I forced to renew? Yes and yes. My W101 membership, which I payed $60 for, has recently ended. * flash back * "Dad, can I buy a membership?" "Sure senior." Ahhhh, that was exactly 1 year and 4 days ago. But that year was not everlasting. My membership has ended, and KingsIsle ripped me off and took another $60 dollars because I forgot to cancel my membership. Did I receive an e-mail telling me I had 24 hours of membership time left? Nope. Just a scam to steal your $$. I am not accusing of KI of stealing my money, they were simply doing their job, which is making money. I am simply posting a reminder to all you paying Wizards, CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIPS WHEN THEY ARE GONNA BE OVER SOON!! Now, I have to either waste 60 nice, crisp, green, bucks, or keep playing W101. Clever, KingsIsle, clever. And sly. Very sly. . . What other things do you have up your sleeves?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bye Myth Master

Yep. It's gone. One of the blogs I read. The Myth Master. I guess people are cutting the ties to W101, now. Ah, disregard that last line. I'm listening to November Rain, and it's a kind of sad rock song. I listen to loud music, I act loud. Sad music, I act sad. My brain is hotwired for rock music. Lol. Last week, Amber Stargem announced that she would be forever closing her blog, The Myth Master. She told us that we only had 1 week to read her blog until she deleted it. That week ends now. I've already tried to access the blog twice, but to no avail. It appears she deleted it already. Goodbye Myth Master. . . Oh and I went to a buddy's house yesterday for dinner. He likes ventriloquist dolls. And diablos. And juggling. And guitar. All of those things are so FUN to do. He even let me try diablo-ing. If you wanna see some EXPERT ventriloquist skills, go to it's AWESOME. This guy is hilarious!!! Oh and, guys, please help me find somewhere I can help my friend buy a ventriloquist doll. He really wants one. And I don't know where to get it. eBay, anything. Just tell me. Thanks all.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The World Cup

The World Cup. The ultimate test of skill and stamina for soccer players around the world. Are you up for the test?

Lol. That was just a little commercial-ly do thingy that I made up while watching USA battle the UK in an epic battle of wills and soccer/football skills. The UK scored early in the game, and US goalie, ________ Howard, was slide-tackled clete first square into his chest. Screaming in pain, the goalie did not think he could continue the game. But after 5 minutes of injury time-out, he thought he was fit and ready enough to continue. This set the US players to a more Defensive style, and had most of their players down by their goal, fending off over 10 goal attempts by British star, Wayne Roone. But the US did not give up. Late in the first half, USA pushed ahead and scored a single goal. It would be their first, and their last. After over 45 minutes of attack, fall back, attack, fall back, by the UK, and defend, move back, defend, move back, the game ended at a draw. That goes to show that even the underdogs, USA, can rise up to the challenge and fend off one of the greatest football/soccer teams in the world. Stay tuned for more updates on the World Cup.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Posting From a Different Computer

The title pretty much explains it. I´m at Sr. Bloggers work office! He just gave Mom and me a great tour of the building. I almost even wanna work now! (Lol). Dad`s got a double screen computer. That basically means that his computer is a DOUBLE computer. Cool, eh? I can browse Wizard 101 Central on one screen, and write this post to you on the other!!! How cool is that??? I`m not sure if it´s some type of software or something. Also, I am typing on a Norwegian keyboard!!! It is very hard. I have no idea where the correct apostrophe key is. here are some of the different letters from the keyboard

§ £ å € ø æ µ ¤

Cool right??? See you all later. I am going to go have some hot "shock o late" now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My new Playlist :D

Yeah another "quick" announcement. Lol not even close. Sorry for posting a million times in one day . . . feel free to check that last post that I do a good 5 minutes ago.

I just thought, since I'm so excited about it, I'd tell you about my new iTunes playlist! My mom and I share an iTunes account, but when we bought a new laptop, we had our iTunes accounts on REALLY old computers that didn't even work. The rule is, you're only allowed to have 5 iTunes accounts on any family of computers. After learning that, Mom and I had to de-authorize all of our accounts. Sadly, this lost us all of our songs. Stinks, huh? A whole 500 songs and movies wasted. I basically gave up, but Mom, being Mom, wanted to turn this into a "learning experience." We had a big talk about that on the local bus, and Mom decided to get our songs back.

After 5 hours of sleeping on the couch, pulling our hair out, moaning, groaning, and pain, we finally got out songs back!!! In celebration, Mom decided to spend another 1 1/2 hours making a playlist, which we named Norway 2010. Here it is :P

1. Viva la Vida
2. Bubbly
3. Whatcha Say
4. I'm Yours
5. Alejandro
6. Heartbreak Warfare
7. Breakaway
8. Live like we're Dying
9. Waiting for the World to Change
10. Show me What I'm Looking For

And basically 23 other songs. In all, if you listened to the playlist, it would take 2.3 hours to get our last song, November Rain by Guns and Roses


Hope you like :P


Just a Quick Announcement

Just a quick announcement before "Din-din" You probably (hopefully) already noticed that My2cents-ok has a new template! Thought the book theme would be fitting because after all, My2Cents really is a "well rounded" blog. Or at least that was the idea. :P Just wanted to give you all the heads up just in case you thought some crazy dude hacked my blog and took over the world, or just my blog. Yeah. If that happened, I'd REALLY bring it on to that hacker. * gets ready to spam like crazy on that guys email * Alrighty! :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Quite Crowded at 3:52 in the Mornin'

Cause I'm visiting Dad in Norway, we're in a different time zone, so basically, we're 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time, and 9 hours ahead of Western Time. Cool, eh? Logging on, I saw that there was a Scheduled Maintenance going on. Let's see what happens, I told myself. I'd only been kicked out of a Maintenance before last year, on the same date LOL! After I logged on, I switched realms to Ambrose, Area 1 to see how many people were up at near 4:00 in the morning. You wouldn't believe it! The Commons was SO crowded. Not just like hmm, 10 people. This was like 50 people just running around and talking and whatnot. Since I'm on a new computer, I don't have Picasa 3, and therefore do not know how to post my screenshots. If I find them, I will most definitely post them later on, because this was very, very, strange. But after all, I'm not usually up at 4:00 in the morning, so maybe that's how crowded it is everyday. Any suggestions? EDIT: I even met Christo DeathGiver!!! Some of you might know or heard of him from W101C. Mercenaries for Hire? That's him! Probably one of the nicest, strongest, coolest, awsesomest,wizards in the Spiral. Just a little update from Celebrity Way by Chase. * Lady Gaga starts singing * Paparazzi!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Absence . . .

My absence. I'm sorry about it. My last post was ah, over 2 weeks ago. Life has been busy. Dad flew to Norway, Mom is working, and me, well, I just finished my Final Exams last week. I'm writing to you from my laptop in Norway right now. Yep, that country all the way up north. I'm 6 hour ahead of you eastern-time guys reading right now. Right now, it's 7:39. But for eastern time, it's 1:39 in the morning. Weird, eh? That is just a heads up that I am NOT dead, NOT in a coma, and NOT done with blogging.

That game we know and love. Wizard 101. When I first started it, it was the best thing on the planet. All my friends in-real-life played it, and I was as happy as could be. It was all simple back then. But now, there are so many updates, and things that take the "originality" out of the game. I feel like I'm playing an entirely differently game. I probably only have 1 of my buddies from Krok still on my list. Also, I have finally come to notice, "Why in this crazy world am I paying cash to play a game?" I'm not accusing KI of anything.I know it's their job to make moolah. I'm just stating my thoughts, and it feels really good to blab out something. :) All in all, I just want you to know that while I will probably cancel my membership, I will NOT quit W101, but if I do, I'll always be on Central.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of the greatest movies every. Some of the greatest stories ever. I just HAD to play it!!! Additionally, our dear friend Sammeh Watercaster was perma banned from W101, and like he says, once it's over, why should you start? He made a new blog, the Plundering Privateer, too. Although he's only had 1 post, I can tell that blog is destined for greatness. Why? Cause it has a kewlio header and template. Lol. Just kdding. The writing is good too. If you wanna meet me on "PotCO" my name is Edward Mcmorrigan, Level 9 Notority. I have a Light Frigate ship, named the Wave Chariot, and my main Capn is usually Sam Seamonk if he is online. I'm usually haunting ol' Tortuga or plundering the seas in search of the Jolly Roger. That's my life. Lol. I'm not done with W101, just putting a little less time into it. There's not much to do when you're a level 48 that's already finished the Questline. I:

One of the oldest blogs I ever read, the Myth Master, has closed. Amber announced it in a final goodbye a few days ago. Sure, we've had some quarrels. I take that back. We have literally gotten virtual swords in the game and tried to kill each other over who got the first piece of virtual chicken leg. But we've calmed down as the months have passed. Sort of. Well, I just wanted to say g'bye to a great blogger and friend. I hope you have fun at whatever you're going to do instead of blogging now. Oh yeah, I heard she's not done with the GAME, just BLOGGING. Well, I'm off to steal that chicken leg, then!!!

I hope I updated you well on what's going on in my life right now, and now that it's summer I'm going to be blogging more frequently than ever. Ever if it's not about W1i01.

-Jr Blogger

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Red Pyramid O,o

Yeah, so I've been reading the Red Pyramid, but the coolest author ever, Rick Riordan. I'm on page 360, and I started 2 days ago! It's completely got me hooked. Above, if that stinkin' link/copy/cut worked, you'll see a graph of the Egyptian Gods, which is what the Red Pyramid is based on. Oh, geez. Sorry for the short post and notice, but I gotta go to dinner now :P. Laterz!

EDIT: The copy didn't work, but I did manage to post a link. Copy and paste the into ya go-bar and BING!!!! There you go! * In background * Sr Blogger, " Jr Blogger get off the dang computer and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!" Geez dad!!! Bye :P

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feliz Belated Cinco de Mayo!!!

Hola Senors y Senoritas y Senoras,

Me llamo Chase. Today this post will be semi-Espanol/semi-English in honor of Cinco de Mayo! (May 5) On this historic day way back when, Mexico signed a treaty/won a battle. As a result, we have the holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Ajer, I went to an Espanol restaurant. Lol, it was insanely loud but FUN! Fish tacos RULE. Lol, since my teacher de espanol is from Columbia, she didn't know this holiday very well. She thought it was a holiday because all the Mexicans wanted to drink more Corona/Beer so they made up a random holiday!!! Not a bad idea, eh??? Lolz.


HOLA: Hello
SENORITA: Unmarried girls (The equivalent of Miss)
SENORA: Married girls (The equivalent of Mrs)
ME LLAMO: My name is ______.
ESPANOL: Spanish
FISH TACOS: Delicious food that you can't stop eating

On a completely different note, our dear friend Samuel Watercast, aka TAD, aka the Awesome Diviner, has been permanetly banned from W101. WOULD YOU BELIEVE THE INSANITY!?!??!?!?! He's such a nice guy! Whatever he did, he DEFINITELY did not deserve it. Let us rest our heads in a moment of peace for our departed friend: Samuel Watercaster. We'll remember you Sammy!!! *SOBS* *BAWLS* *CRIES* *SCREAMS*



Monday, April 26, 2010

The Next Generation

Sorry you haven't heard much from me lately. After deciding that I'd like to start a new blog, looking at WordPress,,, and pretty much all of that, I decided that I'd take WordPress. I mean PAGES, SWEET TEMPLATES, WHATS NOT TO LIKE? So, to land the plane, I made a new blog, (To land the plane is an inside joke among the My2cents family LOL) Dad I bet you're cracking up right now! Don't worry, I'm not done with My2cents. The real reason I made this blog was so I could blog about pretty much anything I felt I needed to get out of my system. But, over the course of my W101 career, it was converted to a W101 blog. I now feel the urge to write about my life again, and that is why I started My2Cents 2.0. Enjoy!!!

~Jr. Blogger

PS: If any of you WordPress users have any tips for me, they would be well appreciated. WordPress is DEFINITELY tough to manipulate LOL.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Power of Mother Earth !!


Hi everyone! This is long time absent SR Blogger. I have been thinking about the blog but unfortunately I have been extremely busy and have neglected all our loyal followers and occaisional readers! So sorry!

You can tell by viewing our "world map" that JR Blogger has readers of My2Cents in many different countries and parts of the world. That is so very exciting for JR and me because it allows us to feel connected to all of you in so many differnt places in the world.

Over the last week one thing we all have in common is our awarness of the great power which lies within our beautiful earth! It doesn't matter if you live in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia. North or South, East or West almost everyone on our planet was aware of the tremendous eruption of the volcano located on Iceland. The name of the volcano is........
Eyjafjallajokull . Yes, that's correct: Eyjafjallajokull . Can anyone pronouce this name? I can't. If you can send it to us in phonetic form !! First one to do that will get a special mention in my next post!! :) :) I wish I could award you 10,000 crowns to use in Wizard101 but unfortunately I can't!

So many people were stranded in airports all around the world due to the huge volcanic ash plume coming out of Mount Eyjafjallajokull . I hope they are all OK and heading home now that the airports are opening. You can see in the picture at the top of this post (which was taken from far in space) that the ash plume of volcanic debris is quite long and thick.

This eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajokull is just another example of how small our world is, how fragile we all are and how we must try our best to protect our Mother Earth and respect her and treat her well. That's My2Cents--OK.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Quick Welcome Home


As I'm quite exhausted from today's proceedings, sadly this will have to be a short post. Recently, Autumn Duskhunter from Homework in a Graveyard has returned again to the W101 Community! Although I have never met Autumn in-game/ever, I have heard MANY great compliments for this Grandmaster Necromancer. I have read a few of her posts, and I was truly WOWED and WOWING by the elaboration of her writing. SWEET!!! My reading teacher tells my class to dig DEEP for our written answers, but sometimes I think that if I go any deeper I will drown! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH!- I guess it's time to go the DEEP end of the pool now. -Lol BA-DUM-CASH-AGAIN!- Lol that's enough dumb jokes for today :P. All in all, welcome back Autumn and I can't wait to read your "Be log" again! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH-ISWEARTHISWILLBELASTDUMBJOKEFORTODAY- Wootz! I'm a stand up comic *NOT*


Monday, April 19, 2010

The Glitchiest Glitch of All

Ah, it's good to be home.

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for my lack of posting AGAIN (Emphasis on again). I've been busy attending to some "Family Business" lately. As a result, my W101 time has been depleted to near none. I'm back home now, and I finally have some relaxing time with my computer and a bucket of popcorn.

After the Malistaire run in the below post, I decided to test my luck and use the Second Chance Chest. Although I did not recieve my GM robe, I did acquire a quite peculiar athame, Malistaire Drake's DeathEdge. This is just a normal level 45 athame, you say? Not quite!!! Despite giving the normal boosts, powers, etc, the DeathEdge says, Crowns Only, No Drop, No Auction, No Trade, Arena Tickets Only. I seem to remember seeing this glitch before, but did not know what caused it. Any ideas??? I'm completely clueless on this subject. That's all for today! Laterz.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Night, Malistaire!!!!


Good morning!
Today was a sleepy day. I woke up at 8:20! *YAWNS* I had the oppurtunity to meet the King of Death! (AKA Cody Deathflame LOL). With the help of Donna Spellthorn, and Kayla something or other, we cremated Malistaire. Donna and Kayla took out the minions, and I boosted up Cody with Balance blades and whatnot. Finally, after 20 minutes of boosting, Cody cast the mighty Wraith to put an end to the evil Malistaire!!! Just clearing 22,000 damage, the Wraith burned Malistaire to the ground. Sadly, it was not higher than Cody's original highest hit. But Congratz anyway, Cody!!!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Hi, its SR Blogger....long missing from this blog! So sorry but due to work, travel and also lots of FUN I have not been able to dedicate time to our blog I have left that in the hands of the competent JR Blogger who has been posting like a mad mad Wizard! As a family we did have a wonderful excursion last week. We took a day and went to the tennis matches on Key Biscayne in the Miami area.  The match is the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament. We went early in the competition which usually is not the time to see the really heated battles....BUT we did see great battles AND we got to see some of the best players in the world compete. While watching from some of the smaller side courts we were standing just 10 or 15 feet away from the fantastic tennis pros. They were sweating and grunting putting every ounce of their strength and energy into each serve or return. It was wonderful to see these highly trained and disciplined athletes competing so close to us. It reminded me of all of you who do battle on Wizard 101.
You have to be focused, concentrate and call upon your experience to succeed. That's just what these great men and women did during the tournament.... and we got to see it all close up! Watching these athletes reminded me that I must stay focused and not give up on a project just because it is difficult and I feel overwhelmed. I must keep on trying or I will defeat myself. A very wise "young" wizard told me "If you say you can't you won't!" That's just my 2 cents on the matter. Have a great day everyone and keep on trying!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Collage!

LOL, this is my third post today! I hope after you read this post, that you will go back into my Archives and look at what I already wrote today. Back to my collage. Well, this is just my first collage, made by Picasa 3! All the pictures, as you might have noticed, show random rug glitches! I LOVE glitches, even though I can barely do them myself :P. This is my first collage, so I hope you like it! My collages will sort of be to like, sum up what I've been posting about for a while. Get it?

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Um, Rip Off???

Ah good evening,

Was I just ripped off, you ask? Totally! Like my earlier post stated, I am now Lancelot. I was looking for some cool gear to dye to enhance my "Mid-evil" look. I was going to dye my Balance robe, but the screen shots say it all. 57,046 gold to just dye a robe silver and red? 107,375 to dye a robe all black? This is insane! Who's supposed to have THAT much cash in their pockets?!?!?! In the second pic, the number was so big that it fell of the price tag! I remember when I used to play RuneScape, all the best gear was like, 9 MILLION gold. I barely even had 100!!! Totally cheap-o! I DEMAND A LAWYER! SOMEONE SUE THIS LADY.

Your "Money-less" friend,
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I am . . . Lancelot --------------EDIT---------------

Hey pplz!
Like promised, I've begun to post regularly. (I think :P) I. AM. LANCELOT. I just joined a new group, Merlin's Resistance. We are a group of witches and wizards who are dedicated to banishing the evil witches and wizards, monsters, etc. You can check the group out at: All wizards are welcome until every spot is filled! I, Lancelot, bring you greatness as I assist the respected and renowned King Arthur of Camelot in restoring peace to our great nation. Here's the parts:

Ronan Ravenshard: Merlin
Owner of the blog ( I don't know you're name :P): King Arthur
Chase Willowweaver: Lancelot
Amber Rosepetal: Status pending

Ta-da! I'm really looking forward to destroying those evil baddies. Hehe, I guess you'll know where I'll be for the next hour or 2.



Ronan Ravenshard: Merlin

Pallamas: King Arthur (Aka Your Highness, Sir, His Kingship, Lord Llama, um, The King lol)

Chase Willowweaver: Lancelot (Aka The Greatest Crusader who Ever Lived) I just got KNIGHTED YAY!!!

Amber Rosepetal: Black Knight

Kestrel Shadowthistle: Lady of the Lake

Spot(s) open:


Pallama: If you're reading, I need knights to command! Can I have a Knight called Sir Vincent??? Can I also have a squire/servant named Alexander???


 Only 14 rules, right? Pretty easy, right? If they're so easy, FOLLOW 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will make this CLEAR:


Yours in war,

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mind Refresh-er-er-er-ers

Sorry I haven't been posting for such a LONG time. I feel horrible about ignoring you guys for so long. I've been busy, is all I can say, but I know that's no excuse for leaving you guys in the dust. This post will just be a little mind-refresher because I haven't talked for such a LONG time. :P

Well, to kick it off, I created a new character! Ladies and Gentlewizards, boys and girls, Tarlac Fireweaver!!! Like his name states, he is a Fireweaver! I've wanted to battle with a Pyromancer for quite a long time, and yesterday I finally found some time in my schedule to create him! He's level 5 at the moment, but I"m sure something will amount of him. *Talks like Merle Ambrose LOL* I'm sure you'll see quite a bit of Mr. Fireweaver later on. *Hint hint*

Also,  I have heard that a new update is coming soon! Thanks to Samuel Watercaster of Awesome Diviners, I learned that in this long anticipated update. Celestia will be released, pets will be updated, and the level cap will be increased!!!!! How cool is that???

Lastly, I am sad to say that I will not be able to post for half of Spring Break. *AWW* I know, I know, I just came back, except I will be in the ISLANDS, and I will have no Wi-Fi :P. I'll probably get back to posting regularly after, though.

That's all for now,
Tarlac Fireweaver

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Good morning, or God Morgen as we would say in Norway. *Note: Dad, is God Morgen spelled correctly???* First and foremost, I had a HUGE party at my W101 Castle!
Who came: Rachel WindTalon, Alia LotusPetal, Ronan RavenShard, some Menu Chatters :P
Where: My awesome WC Royal Playhouse!
What we did: Scavenger hunt, dance floors, ate from the concession stands, FUN!
Who won scavenger hunt: Everyone! Gratz everyone!
Prizes for scavenger hunt: Storm Lord treasure card, Rebirth, Triton, Fire Dragon!

Laterz! Thanks for coming everyone!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Chase here. I just met Ronan RavenShard from the Myth Master LOL!!!! I ported to Amber StarGem, owner of the Myth Master and there he was, in the empty dorm. After I added Ronan, we annoyed Amber about her "Amazon Fighting Ladies" post. We tried to get Amber really ticked by screaming, "THE AMAZONS ARE BRUTAL WOMEN WITH NO LIFE," which seemed to do the trick. Ronan and I were forced into hiding in my "Secret Room." Amber finally logged out, and I am now trapped in a rock while talking with Thomas LionBlood from the Friendly Necromancer. Ciao for now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not the Spiral the Circle !

It's Sunday and a friend of ours is located somewhere in this circle of boats! Every year a group of boaters tie their boats together and have a party over the weekend. Sometimes the "blimp" will fly over the boats and take a picture which will be published in the newspapers. This activity is called a "raft up" and this yachting club does it once a year. Last year they were trying to set a record with over 40 boats tied together...and they made it! We will have to wait and see if they break last years record this time. I think this challenge is really great but then again that's just My2Cents! Have a great weekend. SR. Blogger.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. My apologies. . . I've been quite busy irl and I simply have not found the time to post for a while. Let us hope that will change. Like the title states, I have recently (Sort of) gotten the Malistaire Quest!!! With 10,000 hit points, Malistaire is not one to be underestimated. Pictured above you see me riding on my dragon, with my Pet Hydra hanging by a thread! I hope I can find some time in my schedule to get a group of Wizards to finish the FINAL quest in DragonSpyre.

Off topic: I just saw the Lightning Thief movie! It was fantastic! Although, they did cut out some important scenes in the movie, it was HILARIOUS, there were GREAT BATTLE SCENES, and SWEET SPECIAL AFFECTS. Next on my movie list: Avatar!!!

-Jr Blogger
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Just a quick blog to tell you about an exciting afternoon JR Blogger and SR Blogger had watching tennis.

Two brothers...the Bryan Brothers played doubles and defeated their opponents in two sets. These two tennis champions are not only brothers but are identical twins! Add to that they are the number one doubles team in the WORLD ! It was a great match and we really enjoyed seeing them play. After the match JR Blogger asked them to sign a book that their dad wrote. Both brothers were so happy to see the book and gladly signed it for JR Blogger.
These two brothers are not only the best doubles players in the world they are also really nice guys. They showed us that you can be the very best at something and also be very very nice to people. I'll post some more pictures later but wanted to share this exciting event with you here on My2Cents. Have a great day everyone!
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging Software Test for Mac?

Hi all our faithful blog is SR Blogger once again.  This is a test of the software that Firefox has for posting to blogs.  I am trying it again as a test.  I apologize for filling our post with these tests...but JR Blogger and I are trying to get our blog to the next "level" and make it better and more interesting for you our loyal followers.  I will try and make this post of interest as well as a test.  But that will be your judgement :)

The picture you see here is of the Norwegian Parliament building in Oslo. You can see there is quite a lot of snow on the ground today.  The temperature is 3 degrees Fahrenheit or about -16 Celsius!  Now to me that is cold but then that's just My2Cents worth of thinking.  Thanks for allowing us to test...we hope to keep improving our blog and we appreciate your visiting.  Have a great day.  SR Blogger

Windows Live Writer Test Blog

Good Morning Jr. Blogger and all those who follow our blog…My2Cents.  This is a “test” post to determine the value of the Windows Live Writer software for blogging.  This is SR Blogger testing the software.  Our desire is to be able to use photos and text in a more manageable way.  Sorry to “test” this out on you all !  I know it is not a post about Wizards or really anything of value…but then again it is something we are thinking about AND that is the purpose of the My2Cents blog. 

 ihonepix 003

WOW, so far I like the way we can adjust the size and shape of photos.  It is quite easy to bring the photos from our albums into the post. For your information the picture above is from JR Blogger.  The “Lego” construction was a home fun project he made.  Our family LOVES legos.  Again, thanks for allowing us to do these “test” posts with the new software for PC.  Now I have to find a good blogging software for the MAC computer.  This all looks like it will work but then again that's just My2Cents on the subject.  Have a great day where ever you are!  We really appreciate your comments and that you follow our blog.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flash Back To Earlier Post...

Hi, It's SR Blogger again. I thought it might be helpful to post the pictures from earlier posts about discovering the "Ice Sculpture". It really is a powerful statement by the good Norwegian people who always try to help those less fortunate and in times of difficulty. We should all try and do that but then again that's MY2Cents. Enjoy your day.
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Red Flying Saucer or what??


Hi, this is SR Blogger. Some of the followers of MY2Cents may remember a post I made a few weeks ago. A mystery building made entirely of ice blocks was constructed in the shadow of the Nobel Peace Prize building in Oslo, Norway. After investigating the ice structure you know that I discovered it was built to call attention to the terrible earthquake that caused so much devastation and suffering in Haiti. I learned today that the ice building is still standing and in fact has not melted one bit! AND...inside I found this bright red object. I didn't know what it was at first but upon closer examination I found that it is a collection capsule. People are encouraged to donate some Norwegian money for the people of Haiti. By the way Norwegian money is name Kroner...or CROWNS !!! Hey, maybe this is where the Wizard101 crowns originate! :) It was nice to see the ice sculpture still standing to remind us all that those suffering people in Haiti are still having a rough time of it. I hope we all can do something to help them. I know that seeing this ice building certainly reminded me of their plight. That's My2Cents about it. Have a great weekend everyone. See you in the Spiral.

I Believe I Can Fly!


*Yawn* Good morning,
I'm really wiped out today. Last night, I had 2 hours of tennis, and then I stayed for another hour to watch John McEnroe, the famous, but sadly retired tennis player play some charity matches. *Flies in the air* How did I do that, you ask? Recently, KingsIsle have released the new mounts we have all been waiting for! Seraph wings, Bat Wings, new wands, swords, staffs, CROWN GEAR, could it get any better? Valkoor, my infamous Myth noob gave himself a belated birthday present, the Seraph wings! With +40% Speed, these new mounts are a force to be reckoned with. Well, that's all for now! *Flies away* WOOTz!
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