Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Big Day + Halloween!

Do you guys know what today is? IT'S GAME DAY! IT'S THE BULLDOGS V. THE GATORS! GRRRR! THE GATORS ARE GOING DOWN THIS YEAR ARGGGHHHHH! (No offense Gator fans :)) This is gonna be SICK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I CAN"T WAIT AHHHHHHHHH! WOOT YAH! Good luck everybody!

Happy Halloween! I'm gonna be a giant LEGO Brick! I made it too! I can't wait to see how much candy I get, if any. :) I'm going Trick-or-Treating with my good friend. I hope everybody gets a horde of candy! Happy Hallowe'en!

-JR. Blogger

Flush! Scat!

Hey everybody,
I just finished Flush! It was great. Like SR. Blogger said in a comment, Carl Hiaasen does make hilarious, although somewhat crazy, characters in his novels. Speaking of which, a character in Flush, Noah UnderWood. His dad sank a millionaire's gambling boat, was sent to jail, refused to let his wife pay his bail, and eventually broke out of the jailhouse! Oh my! Once again, I highly recommend this book along with his other children's books, Scat and Hoot. I just started Scat the other day. So far, I figured out the main characters are a boy named Nick, a boy nicknamed Smoke, and a girl named Marta. I have not read enough to determine what the problem is yet, but I have found a hilarious character already! Smoke's father, whazzizname, is completely whacked out. He doesn't mind that his 11 year old kid is running around in the woods without a cell phone, at 1 A.M. Great dad ain't he? :) I'll write a post or two about some other books later I think, but this is just my 2cents worth.

-JR. Blogger

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great books

Today I stated reading a great book called Flush, written by the bestseller, Carl Hiaasen. It's one of the kiddie books he's started to write. Boy are they great! SR. Blogger has read about all of his Big Boy novels, and praises them like they are the greatest things in the world. It's a great book and I recommend it to all of you readers, no matter what your age. SR. Blogger sure has great taste! ;) Also, I recommend Hoot, also written by Carl Hiaasen. It's also a great novel. SR. blogger read it to me a few years ago when I was too young to read. Aw! Last but not least is Scat. Yeah, it's name does mean poo-poo caca, but it's written by yours truly, Carl Hiaasen. It's a kiddie one, just like Hoot. I have not read it yet but, I have heard rumors that it is a great book! I hope all you readers decide to whip out a good book and start reading after this post. **Reads book*

-JR. Blogger

The Weather (My bad Mother Nature!)

I recently wrote a post about how unfortunate and predictable our weather is at HQ. I just read a comment about how great our weather really is, written by a brilliant mystery man. ;) I would like you to know that I regret what I posted AND, that it's sunny, warm, fortunate, tropical, and fresh. It's really great how lucky SR. blogger and I are here at HQ. I hope all of you readers' weather is as great as ours. Like the commenter said, "We have great weather and are sure to have it for a while." Let's hope that's true now!

-JR. Blogger

P.S. Thanks commenter/SR. blogger!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas v. Missouri

Dad and I were watching the Texas v. Missouri game last night. We all knew who would win... Texas. No offense to you Missouri fans, but Missouri ain't even ranked. Texas, ranked 3, v. Missouri, ranked nada, (nothing), might not have been the best match up. I had to go to bed because it was getting late, but the score was Texas 21-7 Missouri. I will ask dad for the final score of the game, and then I will be able to write a full post about the game, but this is jut my2cents.

-JR. Blogger ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogs and Other Stuff I think

Hi all,
Dad, why does it stay SOOOO warm here when it's pretty much WINTER? It's SOOOO boring. I wake up in the morning. Morning! OOH look at the temperature, it's 58! Next day, AWW it's 89 again! I already had my jacket and long johns out! SEE? MY POINT? The weather is LAME. Mother Nature needs to try a different routine sometime. Huh.

Mother Nature, if you are reading this PLEASE make it cooler than 90 degrees once in a while.
-JR. Blogger

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cold weather here...not here...

We had a cold "snap" the other day. Break out the long pants, sweaters and socks. Oh boy it's winter!! NOT. The cold "snap" plunged the mercury to a bone chilling 58 degrees. Remember water freezes at 32 degrees so there was not need to worry about bursting pipes or finding lakes to skate on. 58 degrees heck that's summer to our friends in Norway. Oh well we can pretend can't we?

The "cold snap" lasted all of 36 hours and today the temperature is back in the 80's.

Was that 36 hours our winter? Will it ever get colder than 58 degrees? Why is it that no matter how cold it gets here in Florida it just doesn't seem like winter when there are coconut palm trees everywhere? Just MY2Cents about winter in this sunny wonderland.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Night Football

I'm going to take a day off from posting too much about football. Why? Because I fell asleep during halftime last night of the Chargers vs Broncos game. BUT before I did I saw something interesting. I want to make one comment about a penalty call.

Here is the situation; Broncos have the ball...snap and QB hands off to running back...running back crosses line and heads down field...then he is grabbed from behind at the top part of his jersey. The flags fly. It is an illegal tackle. It's called a "horse collar" tackle and this is not allowed.

BUT, The player is a Denver Bronco. Bronco is another way of saying it seems to me that a horse collar is part of the Broncos uniform and this should be a legal tackle.

But that's just MY2Cents worth....ha ha; what do you think?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gators vs Razorbacks

This was a good game. Tebow is quite amazing and also a bit of an ego maniac. He is for sure, the best player on the Gator team and he proves it week after week. BUT, why take a chance with your health and even life by diving forward to get a few yards, when you just had a major head concussion? Take a chance on another player! Give them the ball. Give them a chance at glory too.

I don't get it...unless it is E-G-O!!!! ... Big time EGO. But then again that just my 2 Cents worth.

New England Blowout Storm!!

Here it is Monday morning and I am thinking about this past weekend of Professional football. There were many good games and I was able to watch a few "bits and pieces" of a few of the games. I did miss seeing the Dolphins play but that was not because I was too busy doing something else or taking a nap. The reason I didn't watch the Dolphins was THEY HAD A BY WEEK !!!! HA HA HA. They were off and resting!!! I hope the team enjoyed one of the few Sundays when they don't have to compete on the grid iron.

Now to the subject of this post. The New England Blowout! The Patriots played Tennesee Titans and it was a real disaster for the TT team. Not only was the entire game played in a raging snow storm but the Patriots had NO mercy on the Titans. Tom Brady took great delight in running up the score. Making play after play in the snow to not only win, and defeat their opponent but to totally embbarass the other players and team.

The final score was 59 to 0, zero, nada, nothing!! It wasn't a game it was a one sided war with the Patriots having tanks and the Titans having pea shooters. And what's worse?
The Titans forgot to bring the peas !!!

Well, if anyone thinks this was a game that was fun to watch I am not one of those people. Sure it was cool to see the snow and some slipping and sliding but after a few minutes that became a waste of time and also dangerous for the athletes.

Instead of Tom Brady and the Patriots "winning big" I think they made a mockery of themselves and their team and their fans. But then again; that's just my 2 cents.

Karma baby...watchout Brady and Patriots....Karma~~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feedback on Gators v. Razorbacks Game!

SR. Blogger is going to be surfing on his fave football sites later. He's gonna be looking for the final scores, plays, and happenings of the game. I asked him to write a post about it since he hasn't really been writing much. Let's see what happens!
-JR. Blogger

P.S. This is just my 2cents! ;)

My Wizard101 Adventures

Hey everybody,
Since I play Wizard101, a successful MMO game, I thought I would tell you a bit about it. In the game, there are seven schools of magic including Balance, Myth, Death, Ice, Storm, Fire, and Life. I am a Balance Wizard, or Sorcerer. There are seven levels of power such as, Novice, Apprentice, Initiate, Adept, Magus, Master, and GrandMaster. At the moment, I am a powerful Master Of Balance. While playing the game, my name is Chase WillowWeaver! Cool huh?

Playing Wizard101, I enjoy browsing the web looking for good information to help me play. Then one day I fell upon a blog titled, Wizard101 Info. Something titled Wizard101 Info sounds like something with information, right??? I soon found that the creators of the blogs names, were, David TitanRider and Dustin MoonCatcher.

While playing on my Balance Sorcerer, I suddenly saw the name, Dustin MoonCatcher. I quickly cried out his name hoping for him to notice. Oh, he noticed all right. He then confirmed my suspicions that he was the very creator of the blog, Wizard101 Info. We were both very excited. That was the beginning of a good-in-game friendship. He then helped me with some Quests, but finally I had to log off due to a Tennis lesson, because I was training for an upcoming team match. I said good-bye and left. The blog, Wizard101 Info, was what inspired me to make the blog you are reading right now. This is, after all, just my 2cents. -JR. Blogger ;)

Gator v. Razorbacks I STILL Don't Know The End

So, I was watching the Gator v. Razorbacks game over dinner. **Changes channel* OOH, It's SpongeBob! Sooo, yeah I sort of forgot about the game. Anyway, it was the SpongeBob episode when he rips his pants! Classic! I couldn't resist watching it. I think I'll be able to ask SR. Blogger what the final score was and who won the game, but this is just my 2cents. Monday Night Football day! Woot!
-JR. Blogger

I Just Finished Watching the USC v. ND Game Last Night!

The game was a tough match-up for ND, but they played hard. Fourth Quarter, 4th and Goal, AND ... THEY MISS IT! Aww. I feel bad for ND. Ha. (Don't tell dad I said that) The final score was um, I think it was, that's right, USC 34-27 ND. What a game! Everybody played hard, and like I said in the post before this, if you always win, you never gain anything from your mistakes. ND might have lost, but they all probably learning something, like not to mess with USC! Great game and I enjoyed watching it!
-JR. Blogger

P.S. This is just my 2cents! ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

End of the USC v. ND game! Great game!

I was watching the end of the USC v. ND game over a yummy dinner of pasta and meatballs that mom made. YUM! In the end both USC and ND played a great game. But, after all, USC emerged victorious leading by 7 points. The final score was USC 34-27 ND. Like dad said in an older post, football is a game of kids playing their hearts out for the fun of it. Even a loss is a gain because of the things you learned to use in the next season. If you only win, you will not gain any experience because you always played perfectly, and did not learn from any of your mistakes. Then again, it is pretty sweet to obtain an undefeated season, but this is just my 2cents. ;)
-The younger blogger

USC v. ND. Gators v. Razorbacks It's on!

At the moment, I am watching USC, ranked 3 in the Pac10, bring down ND, ranked 25 in the Pac10. It was such an intense game, I fell asleep! **yawns* 20 minute nap doesn't hurt, right? The score was 34 with USC leading, and 20 with ND in wake. By the time the game ends, I am not sure that the scores will be entirely correct. **changes channel* It's the Gators against the Razorbacks! The score, at the moment, is holding at a solid 20-20. I have a good friend who is a huge fan of the Gators QB, Tim Tebow. A few weeks ago, together we had watched Tebow whack his head right on his lineman's knee. Ouch! Tebow was out for the game, and had a nasty concussion. Oh no! Tebow is back in the running now and doing great. **applauds* Like I said, by the time the games are done, I doubt that my scores will be correct, but this is just my 2cents. Wish your favorite team luck!

P.S. This is the JR. Blogger's first post! I hope you liked! =)

It's Football Season, Now what?

Some teams I like and some teams I like to dislike. Georgia ranks high on my like list...ND low.
I am an emotional fan but try to keep the emotions stuffed inside. I don't yell and scream unless a long field goal is made by the Georgia kicker...or Jacory Harris passes for 50+ yards. Any team ranked above my faves needs to lose regardless of division or players.

If the Dolphins win and New England loses I consider Sunday to be a great day. But then comes Monday night football....and it all starts over again.

It's a crazy sport with kids playing their hearts out for NO $$$ and the pros playing to make up for what they didn't get during their college years.

I think a full scholarship is great for a college football player but they should get a share of the millions the schools rank in...but then again that's just my 2 cents.