Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Red Pyramid O,o

Yeah, so I've been reading the Red Pyramid, but the coolest author ever, Rick Riordan. I'm on page 360, and I started 2 days ago! It's completely got me hooked. Above, if that stinkin' link/copy/cut worked, you'll see a graph of the Egyptian Gods, which is what the Red Pyramid is based on. Oh, geez. Sorry for the short post and notice, but I gotta go to dinner now :P. Laterz!

EDIT: The copy didn't work, but I did manage to post a link. Copy and paste the into ya go-bar and BING!!!! There you go! * In background * Sr Blogger, " Jr Blogger get off the dang computer and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!" Geez dad!!! Bye :P


My2Cents said...

Hey, it's SR. Blogger. Don't want to start a family fight here on line on blog on My2Cents but I must defend myself from the rant of JR. Blogger. I DID NOT scream or even raise my VOICE when requesting JR. Blogger to get off line and off the stool at our "computer cafe" setup. I merely suggested in a strong voice that he had indicated he would be ready to leave...several minutes ago. Those minutes expired and he was NOT ready to leave. So as his guiding force I suggested he rapidly exit the screen or face some consequences. I am happy to say that he did as requested. I am sorry all you faithful readers got a "short" post from JR. and that you had to read my defense of my actions. But, that's what this blog is addition to life in the virtual spiral it's life in the REAL spiral! Have a great day and thanks for my opportunity to give My2Cents about what happened. Like the pennies in our logo for My2Cents stories often have more than one side!

My2Cents said...

Hehe you got me daddy :D