Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day weekend fun and sun!


Hi, it's SR. Blogger once again posting after a long delay! JR Blogger and family went to a little hideaway we enjoy in the Florida Keys. For those of you who don't live in the US or have not heard of the term "keys" in relationship to "Florida" as in Florida Keys let me explain. The Florida "Keys" are a long string of tiny islands that stretch from just south of Miami Florida to the Southernmost point of the continental United States. That most Southern point is called Key West. Even though it is South it is West! Go figure! :) Anyway, Mom, Jr. Blogger and Sr. Blogger decided to head South....towards Key West....but we stopped about half way along this long string of beautiful islands. We stopped on an island called Islamorada. (Whoever can post a comment about what Islamorada means will win a big big SMILE! Sorry, no gold crowns for Wizard 101 or even any sunken pirate treasure. Just a great big smile.) Like the sun which rises and sets over the beautiful Florida Keys. This picture is just a small sampling of how the "keys" look. I will post more (and maybe JR. will too) in the next day or so when I finish all my "work"!!

I tried to get at least one post up after the trip and "tease" you with more of the great adventure we had in the Keys. Just to keep you "hooked" (although we didn't fish) we could be posting some great pictures of incredible fish, skies and the dangerous weather which can come up so quickly along these island pearls called keys. It's an exciting place filled with adventures, interesting people and animals and the legends of pirates! That's My2Cents on the Keys...and more to come.
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