Friday, September 23, 2011



Hi all

Well, I've been gaming a tiny bit since we last talked-- my Mythy Valkoor is a Commander, PL'ing for Minotaur at the moment. Not much has been going on, new pets, as you probably knew, and some weird D/C (disconnecting) happening to me. For some reason, when I d/c'ed, my monitor blacked out, and then the above pic popped up. It seems like a base template for all the wizzy101 character sheets and everything. Seems like the basic wiz is storm. Anyone know what these numbers could mean in terms of stat-building? Or are they just a bunch of lala? Lol, leave a comment? (Lame attempt for a comment ^_^) Well seeya around, I prolly won't be on until Sunday, got 'irl' stuff going on. Laterz

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Malorn Ghostrider said...

That's an impressive amount of training points lol.