Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well (weak title, eh?)

Hi all

It seems like I've said this millions of times, but I'll say it anyway. I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Starting school again I've been drifting farther and farther away from Wizzy101. As school has been dragging me away from Wizzy, it's already dragged a beast friend of mine, Garrett Dayhand, away too. This will be a goodbye post for one of my best Wizzy friends ever.

I met Garrett a few years ago, when the WizInfo bros were still here, I was beginning blogging, I was making a name for myself, and I was in the GWC. For those of you 'younglings' the GWC, or Grand Wizard Council, was a Council of a select few bloggers that formed a council to talk and help friends, etc.

The GWC had a few spinoff groups, namely the Wizards of the Round Table. I was Lancelot, and we were recruiting, and a name popped up, Garrett Dayhand. He ported to me, and I asked him. "Can I be a Jedi?" he asked. "Why? That's so random!" I said. Honestly, I was taken aback by the randomness of this, but it did have me smiling. I added him, and he became great friends with Alia Lotuspetal, of A Wizard101 Addict All was well, but Garrett ended up quitting, for the first time, because of school. He also deleted all of his friends that he knew to be bloggers. However, he didn't know that I was a blogger too, so I solely remained.

Garrett came back this summer, and me not seeing him for awhile, texted out, "GARRETT? NO WAY?!?!?" He gives a polite hello, and I say, "Weren't you friends with Alia Lotuspetal?" He says yes, and I'm like, "Wanna meet her again?" He's like, "Yeah totally!" They added, and Amber Rosepetal, me, Alia, and Garrett were inseperable for a few weeks. We were the fearsome four, the beastwizzies.

Then the Skype drama began, or rather, heated up again. I'm not mentioning names, AHEM, but these "Skype Wars" tore Alia, Amber, Garrett, and I apart, limb by limb. Garrett and I were attempted, and somewhat failed, to make a group that would help reunite everyone agan. We didn't start much, and we eventually decided it'd be better to drop it. I'll leak a picture or something sooner or later. Luckily, we bonded together again and all was well for awhile.

Now that school has started, Garrett is leaving. We were the inseparable bros, the ones who stuck it out through thick and thin. Now, one of us is leaving, possible both of us are leaving. Garrett wished us goodbye in touching comments on Alia's blog, but for the sake of your browsers, I'll post the comments here. ----------------------------------------------

Well, there's no easy way to put this- but I will be leaving Wizard101 in the near future. Just to let y'all know, it's no ones fault, this game has just lost its charm for me. I remember when last year, I'd log on and see a good 10 starred people on my friends list. Now, I'm lucky if I have 3. I'm just losing interest in everything, to be blunt with you all. Also between my irl life and school, its turning into a huge balancing act that I can't keep up. Now, I will try and come on every so often, but even when I stop, I'll always be following your blog, Alia. This year I returned too far too late. I've really had a great time playing this game over the past 2 years(tomorrow will be 2 exactly) and I hope the rest of you can keep holding on and continue. Heh, and my fanfiction, no way I'm quitting that. It finally got posted on the main Wiz101 site after 3 months, I'm not quitting that. Before I make this too lengthy I'd like to put down my top 10 people that made this long experience enjoying:

10: Arlen Dawneyes, we had some great times on Skype, some of those truth or dares were really... interesting? :P Either way have a great time continuing with this game. I'm still holding onto that 2018 E3 thing. xD. Just be there.

9: Thomas Lionblood:Thanks to you I discovered the blogging community, I remember in December of '09 as I was logging I saw a link to your site to help get crowns for mounts. Immediately I became hooked, I started reading all of the blogs and had a blast doing it.

8: Ronan Ravenshard:Ah, those were some wild times last year in March, April, and May. Leveling up, farming Jade Oni, and also, the Stupid Magnet episode. Now THAT truly makes me laugh as I read back.

7: Edward Lifegem:Your really a phenomanal blogger, during my 2 months of blogging myself I feel you really helped me with your encouragement. Thanks, it was appreciated.

6: Thomas Griffinrider:Though its been 1.5 years since I've even seen you online, you were my best mate, back in the noob days. Lol, it seems I need to put this into 2 separate comments. :P

5: Christina Rubygem(Stormhunter, Darkriver, Dragondust, etc.) You, I think I have known the longest. Even now I usually see you online every day pvping or doing what not. I remember back in the day, fighting Malistaire constantly, always begging some grandmaster to help us. My favorite, was no doubt the time when I(level 42) and you(28) managed to solo the entire dungeon after being abandoned by a grandmaster immediately after being let in. Those were 3 hours I never wanna do again. Even now my brother still plays so I feel we will get to talk many more times.

4: Mitchell Moontamer:You were my next best friend in game, you helped me do all of Mooshu in a week and helped in the long ardurous journey of DS(far harder back then). Even after I became grandmaster I still had a blast, pvping and partying all the time

3: Chase Willowweaver:Hahaha, your my bro, I still remember back this june how I realized you were one of my blogging contacts I hadn't deleted. Its been a great 3 months, I've really enjoyed my time back in the blogosphere, but I still need my duel with you.

2: Amber Rosepetal:Heh, what isn't there to say. You were there from the beginning with me in my blogging days, and definitely one of my best friends in here. I remember all those crazy times on skype, during my 4 months of time doing it. All in all it was great, but I feel its time for some new wizard to step in and take my place, as small as it was.

1: Alia Lotuspetal: Ahh, where to begin. I remember that night back on January 18th(I think) where I met you, it was at the end of the party and the only other blogger I had met was Amber at the time. Over the next 5 or so months it was great, I, a magus at the time, continued my journey to grandmaster and hung out with you guys whenever I could.

"The lonely night comes to an end, and I realize just how much time has really passed"

Even now, those words seem to keep me here, not wanting to leave. I just don't know, either way before I leave there is something I've been waiting a LONG time for.


Yep I'm sorry for making this as long as an entire blog post, but- I'm just hoping to give better reasons than last year. I promise, I will come on sometimes and I will be following your blog until the end. There's also something else I need to say to you in game. Well, it seems all I've got to say is pretty much out (I've been doing this on my iPod, impressive, eh?) and I'm kinda tired of typing... Lol. Anyway-Best regards ~~~~~Garrett Dayhand, the Prince of Myth. ___________________________________________________________________________

Well, thanks for being a beast bud, Garrett. It was tons of fun, and I DO hope you will come visit sometimes. If you don't, I might just have to steal your chainsaw and chase you back here :) We had beast times, some good, some bad, but the good ones will be the ones we all will remember. With the closing of one door, comes the opening of another door. Garrett is closing the door by leaving, and another might be opening, but for me. This might be a good time to close up the shop, and get on with my 'IRL' life. It's been fantastic here with everyone. I'm not sure of my decision yet, but I don't know if I could bear to leave all my friends here. Darnit, you're all too good! I probably will stay, but if I don't, you'll definitely get an 'official' bye bye post. Thanks for reading this extremely long post, and if you didn't, I suggest you do :)

Well, goodbye Garrett Dayhand!

Let us leave on a happy note, not a sad one.

The glass is always half full.



Anonymous said...

well thanks for playing favorites on friends and making the rest of us feel bad -.- jerk

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Man up and show your name. I don't take insults lightly on this blog.

If this is some type of joke, I'm not laughing.


please quit leaving whack comments before something more 'dramatic' happens.

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