Monday, July 26, 2010


That pretty much says it all.

I was just in the most relaxing, warm, awesome bathtub with jets in my life XD.

After playing tennis for 6 hours today, it was a relief to FINALLY get some rest, and, ahhhhhh, take a dip in the tub. In Norway, the primary way of cleaning is a shower, which I am fine with, but I need my bath once in a while O.o I was so happy haha. Well that's kind of all. . . Lol.

It brings back memories of jumping in the ice cold pool in the Keys and then hopping right into the warm jacuzzi. Ahhh, memories. That's got me thinking, Dad, when we move, can we get a jacuzzi? Just a thought :D

~Chase (who is very relaxed ahhhhh)

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