Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wherever the Wind Shall Take Us

Hullo all.

Sorry for not posting... I've been very busy in real life with traveling! Where are we now, you ask? Well, recently, the My2Cents family took a 5 hour long train ride to Boston, MA! Ah, memories. Sort of. Mom went to college at Harvard, so she's basically our tour guide. A day after we arrived in Boston, my good friends from Home took a plane all the way here just to see us. (Well, actually, they came here to sight-see)

So far, we've been on a Duck Tour, which is basically a boat on wheels from WWII, we've been on like 5 trolley buses, we've gone to an Aquarium and we've played Hacky-sack for 2 hours. Despite all of these fun activities, my favorite activity was probably going to the Navy/Pirate Museum and seeing the USS CONSTITUTION!!! Yep, for all you PotCO fans, that's a HUGE, ORIGINAL, battleship from the Civil War. (And Beyond haha) I counted, and it like 40 cannons and broadsides all together! It was CRAZY! I loved it! I took so many pictures! But, alas, I cannot post thy pictures for, thee can't have thy's card-reader. (I just wanted to do a little bit o' pirate talking! Fine I'll stop /shrug) Yeah, so I'll post pictures when I can load the camera up the laptop. Stay tuned!

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