Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lost the Battle But Won the War

Lost the Battle But Won the War

Today was an on-court war. After buying a new Dunlop Aerogel 4D tennis racquet, a bag, and Kirschbaum Pro Line II strings, I've been playing the best tennis of my life. I decided to put myself to the test and battle it out with Juniors from all over Florida in a tennis tournament located in XXXXXX XXXXX. I had a bye to the Quarter-finals. Yay...

My first match was against a kind of friend named XXXXXXX. It wasn't much of a challenge. It was over in like 45 minutes and I won 8-2. My next match was scheduled to be at 11:00.

My next match was against the number 1 seed who looked like a defensive line-man all the way from the University of Florida. "Oh geez, this'll be tough." In the whole match, we only had 1 hold of serve. Every game was a break.

It went 1-1. 2-2. 3-3. 4-4. We were nearly dying from the heat. Our first 4 games went 7 deuces each. 5-5. 6-6.

Now we were nearly on the floor. 85 degrees with 30% humidity isn't easy on the body. I looked to where my coach and family was watching. This time I saw a few new faces. It was my friend XXXXX and his brother XXXX. This brought me newfound strength and a little bit of eagerness to end this match.

6-7. This guy really had me on my heels. If I didn't break him now the match would be out of my grasp.

It went to a deuce. "Oh for the love of goodness I hope this guy will have a heat stroke or just die or something," I thought in vain.

But my luck was out. He bombed a body serve and my forehand crashed into the tape of the net.

The next point was my last. He hit a nice kick serve and a hit an awkward backhand slice. He got REALLY lucky then. He hit a forehand on the frame and it tipped the net and plopped over. "Are you kidding me? AGAIN?"

Despite losing, I felt I was playing quite well and I think I'll have a good shot at my next tournament. All in all, it was a pretty productive day.



Anonymous said...

Nothing to be ashamed of. You did battle in +90 degree temps. (I will bet that the court temp. was well over 100 degrees!) You both played great tennis and it was so close for well over an hour. That's tough to do under any circumstances and when playing in that humidity is really a killer. You forgot to mention that this worthy opponent went on to win the entire tournament. So take solace you were only a couple of points away from defeating him and maybe going the distance!.....I hope you get to meet him in the "spiral" and show him who's boss of Wizard 101. If you I am sure you will meet him at another tournament one of these days...and I am sure you will battle well then too. But then that just's SR. Blogger as if you didn't know. I'm proud of you son...good tennis and sportsmanship!

My2Cents said...

Thanks pops.