Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which direction forward?????


I am still thinking about JR's decision to stop participating on Wizard101. W101 was a big part of his early experiences with MMO's . Now his focus is changing and he is choosing some new paths forward. As we move forward in life we will come to what are known as "cross roads". Coming upon these crossroads will never end. We all have to make a decision on the direction we will choose. Will we go this way or that? Most of the time we will not know what the path we choose will hold for us. Will it be challenging or easy? Will it be dangerous or safe? How should I decide? Difficult as these decisions may seem we all have to remember that every single human being before us on this wonderful Earth was faced with similar choices.
I find that remembering my past and learning from it, seeking council from family and frineds and teachers and going with what "seems good and right" has been the best way to choose the next path before me when I'm at the crossroads. That's just My2Cents. Have a great day!
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