Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Never Say Never really means to me!

Sometimes the path forward is straight and smooth and sometimes it has bumps and turns.  After reading JR's post I started thinking about the "past" not the future.  I believe that so many of JR's experiences on Wizard101 have been quite positive.  He has improved his typing skills from "lol" to full speed ahead writing! The communication and interaction he has had with all his fellow players has often been the topic of conversation around our dinner table!  I am sure playing and participating in W101 has sparked his creativity just like it has for so many of you.  That surely is a very positive experience to have and share.  In conclusion to this "post looking to the past" I say be happy and proud of all your experiences on the W101 site.  You may choose to move on down the winding path in front of you (life) but don't forget all the steps you took to get to this point....and "never say never" but then that's just My2Cents worth of thinking on this beautiful morning. SR. Blogger.

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