Friday, July 1, 2011

35 Hours of Camp Later......

Hi all

So I got home about an hour ago from tennis camp here in Norway. I started on Monday, and it was great to get playing again after traveling so much. It was cool to meet new friends, learn the game in a different environment, and brush up on my Norwegian. Am I anywhere close to fluent yet? Nei. That means 'no.' Haha. Here's what we did throughout the week.

Monday:: It's raining, but we play through it for 2 hours. I slip on the baseline (stupid line) and get red clay on my behind. We're all soaked and decide to head in for lunch. We eat lunch and play ping pong. My coach tells me we will go on a 'little' run, and we end up running like 3 miles, and doing sprints soaking wet. When we got back to camp, we were all happy to have time to rest, and then my coach told us to do fitness! We did situps, pushups, and some other things. I'm ripped now *flex* well, I like to think that way at least haha.

Tuesday:: Not raining, in fact searing hot, we're all bacon by the end of the day. Played 5+ hours of tennis. Fun!

Wednesday, Thursday:: Same as Tuesday

Friday:: Last day of camp. We play lots of matches in the morning and doubles in the afternoon. Really fun. After tennis, it starts raining, but we play soccer. It was fun cause we were all like killing each other and pushing each other into bushes and stuff. In the last 5 minutes I tried to tackle my coach, but he picked me up, held me in the air, and shot a goal. Oh well.

Well that was pretty much my week, in Wizzy I leveled up gardening (rank 2 YEAH) did pvp, and found the yardbirds! Pretty good week.


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