Friday, June 24, 2011

Rug Glitches Galore!


My MB house


Thomas's House


Thomas's House


Belgrim's House

Hi all

So I've been fooling around a lot on Wizzy lately. I blew 30K on the MB Royal Estate, and have been decorating it quite a bit. One of the things I did was a rug glitch, which is one of those pics up there. I'm standing next to Amber Rosepetal (Saviors of the Spiral) and Morgrim BattleGem. We were hanging out for awhile in the basement of my MB house, and decided to take a pic outside. We call ourselves.........The Fearsome Threesome! It took us like 2 seconds to think of that, so please excuse the lame name. I: Also, you see me standing on a long blue rug UNDERNEATH, yes, underneath, my good buddy Belgrim TitanCatcher's Great Citadel. Among his collection, Belgrim, or Bell, as I like to call him, has a rug going outside is WC dorm and extending outside into the open air! Pretty cool, huh? You also see my friend Thomas's rug glitch, going UNDERNEATH his Fire House. I'm there with Morgrim, and you can look up into the house, with flames circling the roof. We actually fell off the rug into nothingness a couple times, and had to keep porting back up. All in good fun though! Just thought I'd give all these houses an Honorable Mention, because I think they deserve it!

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