Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi all

Sorry I haven't been posting lately---- was quite busy. Today was my last day of tennis camp, and this week I clocked 30+ hours of court time in 85 degrees and humid. It was super fun. Because of camp, I haven't been getting into the Spiral much or anything else. I have some 'newz' for you guys.

Well, starting off with the good news, well, I hit Legendary in wizzies like 2 weeks ago, but didn't announce it. So w00t!!! =)

Then the bad news, sadly, the bad news greatly outweighs the good news. As you all have probably heard, Norway, my second home, where I was 2 weeks ago, was bombed by a terrorist. The bomb shook the city, my dad's office building, and shattered lots of windows. Then to make matters worse, a gunman opened fire dressed as a policeman on a youth camp, killing over 80 kids. When you do the math, compared to the death count (90+) and Norway's overall population, those 90 deaths equaled 7,000 deaths in the USA. That's far worse than the World Trade Center. To top it off, Norway is a relatively open country so this will hit them hard. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegian people.

The other bad news is that since I hit Legend, I've gotten super bored with Wizzies. There are no goals for me anymore. The community (sorry!!!) seems bland compared to real life. All the drama and stuff just make me shake my head and sigh, because none of this stuff is real. It's a game. Not a life!! This game is what it says, a game, not a life. I hate how what people do and say in this "GAME" affects others so much. Shake it off because it doesn't matter! Sorry for a little rant, had to vent LOL

Well, that's pretty much it. I'll be staying on Wizzies, but might not be doing much. I hope to blog more in the future.


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Anonymous said...

Just some suggestions for W101:
Crafting, Housing, Questing (separate character), Wintertusk, PvP.. pretty much. I agree about Norway :( I'm glad you guys are ok though. Have fun in tennis!