Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ravenwood Radio, Home, and Everything in Between





Hi all,

To kick it off, the My2Cents family's travels are finally over, and we flew back home just the day before last. What a relief it is to finally sleep in our own beds and sit at our own desks while playing W101! Home sweet home eh?

Also, since I had a cold yesterday (*sigh*) I got to play lots of W101! (YAY!) I've been PvPing a lot on my characters. Valkoor Willowweaver, Valerian Willowweaver, and Chase Willowweaver. It's tough. At least I haven't met any bolters. *Shudder*

Congrats to Ravenwood Radio for another fantastic show! I was only there for the last few minutes, but it was great! Shout out to Friendly! My favorite part was when I heard little Diapermancer in the background. AWWW so cute. And guess what? At the after party, I added Kevin Battleblood's alt, and Valerian Nightbringer of Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards! Nice meeting you guys!

Lastly, it is to my great joy and honor to announce that after MANY months of stalling, procrastinating, and such, I have finally reached Grandmaster!!! WOOT! With the help of some friends irl, I was able to hit grand and gain 2 levels in 2 days FLAT. Nice, yes? After I hit Grand, we went and did Briskbreeze, blew through that, and then went the warehouse, blew through that! It feels good to be a grand LOL.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day, eh? Pictures of the Ravenwood Radio after party above. Click to enlarge.

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