Monday, April 19, 2010

The Glitchiest Glitch of All

Ah, it's good to be home.

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for my lack of posting AGAIN (Emphasis on again). I've been busy attending to some "Family Business" lately. As a result, my W101 time has been depleted to near none. I'm back home now, and I finally have some relaxing time with my computer and a bucket of popcorn.

After the Malistaire run in the below post, I decided to test my luck and use the Second Chance Chest. Although I did not recieve my GM robe, I did acquire a quite peculiar athame, Malistaire Drake's DeathEdge. This is just a normal level 45 athame, you say? Not quite!!! Despite giving the normal boosts, powers, etc, the DeathEdge says, Crowns Only, No Drop, No Auction, No Trade, Arena Tickets Only. I seem to remember seeing this glitch before, but did not know what caused it. Any ideas??? I'm completely clueless on this subject. That's all for today! Laterz.

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