Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Quick Welcome Home


As I'm quite exhausted from today's proceedings, sadly this will have to be a short post. Recently, Autumn Duskhunter from Homework in a Graveyard has returned again to the W101 Community! Although I have never met Autumn in-game/ever, I have heard MANY great compliments for this Grandmaster Necromancer. I have read a few of her posts, and I was truly WOWED and WOWING by the elaboration of her writing. SWEET!!! My reading teacher tells my class to dig DEEP for our written answers, but sometimes I think that if I go any deeper I will drown! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH!- I guess it's time to go the DEEP end of the pool now. -Lol BA-DUM-CASH-AGAIN!- Lol that's enough dumb jokes for today :P. All in all, welcome back Autumn and I can't wait to read your "Be log" again! -Lol BA-DUM-CRASH-ISWEARTHISWILLBELASTDUMBJOKEFORTODAY- Wootz! I'm a stand up comic *NOT*



M.W.S said...

Glad she is back in da house!

Gamer Girl said...

This is Natalie Moonblade, the one who had a Runescape account. I just wanted to let you know I have a new blog. The other blog was closed due to personal business.
Just letting you know, I have a new blog!

Natalie Moonblade

AutumnalDusk said...

Thank you very much. I find it's humbling to have my writing thought of in such high regards. I look forward to reading more of yours.