Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas! Well actually, the My2Cents family has found ourselves mingling with the Swedish people, in Gotenborg, Sweden. So let's start over. Welcome to Gotenborg!

Our journey began in Oslo, Norway. We had been there for 1 month and finally, it was time to move out. We packed our bags, and called up a taxi, which took us to a train station.

After 5 hours of watching my favorite show on the laptop, Mythbusters, we reached the final train stop. We exited the train. It was POURING, literally raining buckets. Within moments, we were soaked to the bone. We finally reached our bus, which would transport us the last stretch of the journey, Gotenborg.

During the bus, I watched the 3 Stooges on Dad's iPhone. Funny . . . Then, suddenly, I had a brainstorm. True friends, was the topic. My paragraph(s) are/is coming soon!

So now y'all know what I did today. HAGS! (have a good summer)

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