Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Road to Holmenkollen

The Road to Holmenkollen:

Holmenkollen is a mountain located in Norway. It is an annual My2Cents Family tradition to hike this giant hill/mountain. Today we went hiking in Holmenkollen...

First, we took a tram to the bus stop. The tram was very cool because on Sundays, the modernized trams are left at the stations and the refurbished old time trams are used. Dad, Mom, and I got to stand on the caboose sort of thing! The open air, along with the rattle, rattle, of the old tram made a VERY exciting adventure. It seemed that every turn we took nearly tossed us off!!! After about 15 minutes, we stopped at the Majoustra bus stop.

The bus ride was quite long, lasting maybe 25-35 minutes. I think we got off at the wrong bus stop, because, abnormally, we had to walk ALL the way up the mountain. * whew * One of our first obstacles, or should I say activities was to climb numerous, flimsy rope bridges tied to trees. My parents did not climb, but simply walked while I risked my butt TRYING to climb up a 20 foot tree and then briskly sliding now a rope. (Maybe not so briskly. More like painful) After that, we took a picture of a few rock sculptures, such as a moose and a very interesting interpretation of some Norwegian Deity.

Towards the top of the mountain, we came upon a lake that is normally frozen, but on this summer day, it was crystal clear, and you could even see straight to the bottom. I found an old branch and played in the water for a while. A few times, I dug out some slime or algae from a hole in a rock. (Ewwww) After a while, we hiked the last stretch of mountain to a restaurant built in 1891. I had some Norwegian meat balls. * YUMMY! * And for desert, I had 1 meringue, 1 huge chocolate chip cookie, 1 bottle of Coke, and 1 glass of milk. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!) I felt like I was gonna throw up for like an hour. Not fun... Yeah Dad, I learned my lesson I: After that, we were too tired to walk ALL the way down the mountain, so we took another bus and another tram. I fell asleep on the ram. I: I haven't taken a nap like that for 6 years. :D Lol. That was my day. Pics to come soon if I can load up Dad's camera to his MacBook.


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