Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mind Refresh-er-er-er-ers

Sorry I haven't been posting for such a LONG time. I feel horrible about ignoring you guys for so long. I've been busy, is all I can say, but I know that's no excuse for leaving you guys in the dust. This post will just be a little mind-refresher because I haven't talked for such a LONG time. :P

Well, to kick it off, I created a new character! Ladies and Gentlewizards, boys and girls, Tarlac Fireweaver!!! Like his name states, he is a Fireweaver! I've wanted to battle with a Pyromancer for quite a long time, and yesterday I finally found some time in my schedule to create him! He's level 5 at the moment, but I"m sure something will amount of him. *Talks like Merle Ambrose LOL* I'm sure you'll see quite a bit of Mr. Fireweaver later on. *Hint hint*

Also,  I have heard that a new update is coming soon! Thanks to Samuel Watercaster of Awesome Diviners, I learned that in this long anticipated update. Celestia will be released, pets will be updated, and the level cap will be increased!!!!! How cool is that???

Lastly, I am sad to say that I will not be able to post for half of Spring Break. *AWW* I know, I know, I just came back, except I will be in the ISLANDS, and I will have no Wi-Fi :P. I'll probably get back to posting regularly after, though.

That's all for now,
Tarlac Fireweaver

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