Sunday, March 28, 2010

Um, Rip Off???

Ah good evening,

Was I just ripped off, you ask? Totally! Like my earlier post stated, I am now Lancelot. I was looking for some cool gear to dye to enhance my "Mid-evil" look. I was going to dye my Balance robe, but the screen shots say it all. 57,046 gold to just dye a robe silver and red? 107,375 to dye a robe all black? This is insane! Who's supposed to have THAT much cash in their pockets?!?!?! In the second pic, the number was so big that it fell of the price tag! I remember when I used to play RuneScape, all the best gear was like, 9 MILLION gold. I barely even had 100!!! Totally cheap-o! I DEMAND A LAWYER! SOMEONE SUE THIS LADY.

Your "Money-less" friend,
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jesse ^_^ said...

i agree some of this dye price is just rediclous who has that much money in the game. the prices for dying is just unfair so pricey.