Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. My apologies. . . I've been quite busy irl and I simply have not found the time to post for a while. Let us hope that will change. Like the title states, I have recently (Sort of) gotten the Malistaire Quest!!! With 10,000 hit points, Malistaire is not one to be underestimated. Pictured above you see me riding on my dragon, with my Pet Hydra hanging by a thread! I hope I can find some time in my schedule to get a group of Wizards to finish the FINAL quest in DragonSpyre.

Off topic: I just saw the Lightning Thief movie! It was fantastic! Although, they did cut out some important scenes in the movie, it was HILARIOUS, there were GREAT BATTLE SCENES, and SWEET SPECIAL AFFECTS. Next on my movie list: Avatar!!!

-Jr Blogger
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M.W.S said...

Very awesome grats dude! You should srsly make a twitter account though like I have... It's awesome connecting w/ wizards and witches there faster.

Wizard101Info said...

plz plaza can i help you with malistaire sometime this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, nice. Just found your blog, and found out that we both live in Fl, I'm like a city away from you (more like three) After Molly, try all the MB quests ;)