Sunday, March 14, 2010


Good morning, or God Morgen as we would say in Norway. *Note: Dad, is God Morgen spelled correctly???* First and foremost, I had a HUGE party at my W101 Castle!
Who came: Rachel WindTalon, Alia LotusPetal, Ronan RavenShard, some Menu Chatters :P
Where: My awesome WC Royal Playhouse!
What we did: Scavenger hunt, dance floors, ate from the concession stands, FUN!
Who won scavenger hunt: Everyone! Gratz everyone!
Prizes for scavenger hunt: Storm Lord treasure card, Rebirth, Triton, Fire Dragon!

Laterz! Thanks for coming everyone!


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My2Cents said...

You are correct JR Blogger. That is how the Norwegian's spell Good Morning! Tusen takk (a thousand thanks) for trying to enlighten others. SR Blogger :)