Friday, June 11, 2010

My new Playlist :D

Yeah another "quick" announcement. Lol not even close. Sorry for posting a million times in one day . . . feel free to check that last post that I do a good 5 minutes ago.

I just thought, since I'm so excited about it, I'd tell you about my new iTunes playlist! My mom and I share an iTunes account, but when we bought a new laptop, we had our iTunes accounts on REALLY old computers that didn't even work. The rule is, you're only allowed to have 5 iTunes accounts on any family of computers. After learning that, Mom and I had to de-authorize all of our accounts. Sadly, this lost us all of our songs. Stinks, huh? A whole 500 songs and movies wasted. I basically gave up, but Mom, being Mom, wanted to turn this into a "learning experience." We had a big talk about that on the local bus, and Mom decided to get our songs back.

After 5 hours of sleeping on the couch, pulling our hair out, moaning, groaning, and pain, we finally got out songs back!!! In celebration, Mom decided to spend another 1 1/2 hours making a playlist, which we named Norway 2010. Here it is :P

1. Viva la Vida
2. Bubbly
3. Whatcha Say
4. I'm Yours
5. Alejandro
6. Heartbreak Warfare
7. Breakaway
8. Live like we're Dying
9. Waiting for the World to Change
10. Show me What I'm Looking For

And basically 23 other songs. In all, if you listened to the playlist, it would take 2.3 hours to get our last song, November Rain by Guns and Roses


Hope you like :P


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