Saturday, June 12, 2010

Posting From a Different Computer

The title pretty much explains it. I´m at Sr. Bloggers work office! He just gave Mom and me a great tour of the building. I almost even wanna work now! (Lol). Dad`s got a double screen computer. That basically means that his computer is a DOUBLE computer. Cool, eh? I can browse Wizard 101 Central on one screen, and write this post to you on the other!!! How cool is that??? I`m not sure if it´s some type of software or something. Also, I am typing on a Norwegian keyboard!!! It is very hard. I have no idea where the correct apostrophe key is. here are some of the different letters from the keyboard

§ £ å € ø æ µ ¤

Cool right??? See you all later. I am going to go have some hot "shock o late" now.

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