Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Rip-offs and Renewals

Of rip-offs and renewals. Was I unknowingly ripped off? Was I forced to renew? Yes and yes. My W101 membership, which I payed $60 for, has recently ended. * flash back * "Dad, can I buy a membership?" "Sure senior." Ahhhh, that was exactly 1 year and 4 days ago. But that year was not everlasting. My membership has ended, and KingsIsle ripped me off and took another $60 dollars because I forgot to cancel my membership. Did I receive an e-mail telling me I had 24 hours of membership time left? Nope. Just a scam to steal your $$. I am not accusing of KI of stealing my money, they were simply doing their job, which is making money. I am simply posting a reminder to all you paying Wizards, CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIPS WHEN THEY ARE GONNA BE OVER SOON!! Now, I have to either waste 60 nice, crisp, green, bucks, or keep playing W101. Clever, KingsIsle, clever. And sly. Very sly. . . What other things do you have up your sleeves?


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