Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Just a quick blog to tell you about an exciting afternoon JR Blogger and SR Blogger had watching tennis.

Two brothers...the Bryan Brothers played doubles and defeated their opponents in two sets. These two tennis champions are not only brothers but are identical twins! Add to that they are the number one doubles team in the WORLD ! It was a great match and we really enjoyed seeing them play. After the match JR Blogger asked them to sign a book that their dad wrote. Both brothers were so happy to see the book and gladly signed it for JR Blogger.
These two brothers are not only the best doubles players in the world they are also really nice guys. They showed us that you can be the very best at something and also be very very nice to people. I'll post some more pictures later but wanted to share this exciting event with you here on My2Cents. Have a great day everyone!
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