Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bye Myth Master

Yep. It's gone. One of the blogs I read. The Myth Master. I guess people are cutting the ties to W101, now. Ah, disregard that last line. I'm listening to November Rain, and it's a kind of sad rock song. I listen to loud music, I act loud. Sad music, I act sad. My brain is hotwired for rock music. Lol. Last week, Amber Stargem announced that she would be forever closing her blog, The Myth Master. She told us that we only had 1 week to read her blog until she deleted it. That week ends now. I've already tried to access the blog twice, but to no avail. It appears she deleted it already. Goodbye Myth Master. . . Oh and I went to a buddy's house yesterday for dinner. He likes ventriloquist dolls. And diablos. And juggling. And guitar. All of those things are so FUN to do. He even let me try diablo-ing. If you wanna see some EXPERT ventriloquist skills, go to it's AWESOME. This guy is hilarious!!! Oh and, guys, please help me find somewhere I can help my friend buy a ventriloquist doll. He really wants one. And I don't know where to get it. eBay, anything. Just tell me. Thanks all.


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Anonymous said...

Check out Terry Fator on YouTube for more ventriloquism.