Monday, June 13, 2011

Double Woot!


Hi all

Well today was pretty cool in the WillowWeaver clan. I got some crowns, bought back my training points, bought a Myth mastery Amulet, and trained Myth to Earthquake. My new deck set up has changed dramatically, but I think it has changed for the better. Pics coming soon!

Now I know I haven't posted screenshots of the game for awhile. I am vying to break that streak now. Up above you see a pic of my Balance 52 (now 53 WOOT) posing in front of a sea of embers in the District of the Stars. The District is the final dungeon of Celestia. I went there helping my friend Dakota Dragonrider, and we were accompanied by a Myth 59, Lucas FireCoin. In a nutshell, we completely PWND the District! I'd like to congratulate Dakota for finishing Celestia, and I'd like to thank him for taking me because, well I leveled up! Amazing what 25k of experience can do for you, huh?

In my opinion, the highlight of the dungeon was when I was within about 500 HP's of one hitting the final Boss :P. I used a Mali Judge, and lemme tell you, it was PWNAGE! We crushed her in 5minutes flat, and I was super duper happy to be the one to (nearly) kill the boss. I hope the rest of CL will be this easy! (Excuse me while I have my 5 minutes of bragging rights. Thanks!)

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