Thursday, June 9, 2011

General PvP Tips (Dakota DragonRider)

Normally I would say "Hi all," but today is a different matter. I am teaching a Legendary Life wiz, Dakota DragonRider, how to PvP effectively. Therefore, I will say, "Hi Dakota"

Hi Dakota,

I'm gonna teach you how to PvP. I am not a Life Wiz, or a Beast Warlord, but I am, however, experienced. I have dueled a total of about 320 matches. I hope that is enough.

1. Win the Pip War- always try to have more pips than your opponent. If you have more than them, it will make it easier to control the TEMPO, which I will get into later. If you have more pips than your opponent, you are winning the pip war.

2. Control the TEMPO- The Tempo is like the rate of the battle. It's a fast tempo if you are both under 1500 health and are attacking and healing like crazy. A slow tempo is like a tank match. Control the tempo by throwing up a shield. This will probably make your opponent try to break it, which wastes them a turn, and buys you one. Or attack, and make them heal. That wastes one of their turns, and pips, and you get a free turn to gather yourself.

3. Think of a strategy- For example, my strategy is speed. I go for quick big hits, like Spec Blast or Judge, and I go fast. If I am set for a tank deck, with lots of shields, I'm not going to be going for quick hits. That is why it's important to know your strategy.

4. Know your deck- I have a small deck, so I get the cards I want fast. The bigger the deck, the harder it is to get the cards you want, when you want them. Use this information when building your deck. Make a rough draft of your deck, do a duel or practice duel, and keep a list of what cards you are discarding or not using. You will probably take these cards away, to slim down your deck for the next draft. Repeat this until you feel like you have what you need, and not everything else for EVERY possibility



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