Saturday, June 18, 2011

The W101C Dilemna

Hi all

I've been on vacation lately, so I have been taking a break from the game. I am still surfing blogs and such, but am not in the actual Spiral. I visited Marleybone in real life, too! Pretty cool.... but enough of that now.

Something that has come to my attention is that the Evil Theurgist has been banned from Wizard101 Central. I myself am I member of that forum, and find the guides great. However I am thinking of deleting my account or attempting to delete my account after what has been happening as of late. I personally believe that Jester, the main admin, has been abusing his power as an admin. I have seen many great posters be banned, namely DerHund, Johnist, and Evil Theurgist.

Apparently, the Evil Theurgist attempted to remove a guide that he made about W101 Reagents a while ago. He said he had not updated it, so he asked for Jester to remove the guide and all forum gold that came to Evil Theurgist as result of it. Jester responded by banning Evil, and therefore (kinda) starting an issue in the blogging community. I now ask you all to post feedback about this! What do you believe that we should do? I don't care if you don't even play the game! Should we do something, or just lay low?!?!?

I also learned that Jester told Evil , "I have done nothing wrong by anyone’s standards and you are harassing me. I suggest you crawl back under whatever rock you came from." My apologies for Theurgist if I am taking info from his site, but I think this needs to come to attention. I don't wanna get in any Legal Trouble with this, but I thought this was an interesting topic to talk about. Now, my blog will not become a warzone, and I please ask you to not to start something REALLY bad for us.

Thanks, Chase

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I haven't observed this. Interesting. I'll have to investigate. Unfortunately, my inside spies are... Gone.