Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in Time2

I have some very sad news. I, Jr Blogger have just returned from the dreaded hospital. I had a horrible sore throat, and was told by my pediatrician to venture to the HOSPITAL. I drove to the hospital, and was stationed in a bed. I had lots of blood taken, and lots of medicine. Fortunately, I do not have the Flu, or anything terrible. I returned home after an excrutiating 4 hours.

My good friend in real life, has finally created a blog of his own. I will be the Co. Writer and Editor for his blog, Back in Time2. You may visit his blog by clicking the link in the blog list. The blog will be about him and me, traveling back in time to for example, save Abraham Lincoln before his death The blog may be somewhat for older children or adults, so if you feel scared, feel free to discontinue reading. Happy 2010!
-Jr Blogger


General Johnson and Commander Lee said...

hey what up Jonhson here. wanted to tell you that i made another post check it out.

General Johnson and Commander Lee said...

jonhson here telling you that put that cowboys beat eagles with the score. can you put a picture of game

Johnson&My2Cents said...

hey ask SR to go on his bravenet acount to get counter

JohnsonMy2cents said...

hey I just made anothe blog but I deleted it because I don`t want it to be on our acount. So I made a list for Paul so he can make it on a scracthies acount. o yeah I forgot to tell you that scrathies is back in buissness. that is why I`m telling you this.
P.S can you get a picture of a cardnial for the post WHAT`S UP? thanks