Monday, January 25, 2010

PvP, and New Looks!



Good evening. As pictured above, you should notice that I have finally learned how to post numerous pictures in a single post. Boo yah! Pictured above, notice Valkoor Willowweaver's new look!
Before: Yellow and Black.
After: White and Purple!
Ta-da! I thought, since I might be getting my Commander Gear soon, that I should quicky pick out a new set of colors. Also, in the second picture, notice that I took the screen shot while browsing "Watch-able" PvP duels. I was hovering my cursor over the numerous duelists, trying to figure out what a good match-up would be. Suddenly, I found a PvP Dueler named Angela R! Above notice that Angela has an insane amount of rank points. Think that might be high? Once before, I saw a GrandMaster Ice Wizard, who held the rank of 2,600! I. Think. That. Should. Be. Illegal. Really, that much rank? WOW . . . I'm sure you'll lots of posts with numerous pictures, and I hope you enjoyed Valkoor's new looks. I have to say, he looks quick dashing . . .
-Jr Blogger
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