Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello, Commander WillowWeaver!

Attention trooops!

Let us cut close to the chase, as they would say in cool movies. Our very own, Myth Initiate, Tour Guide, Valkoor WillowWeaver has just achieved the rank of Commander! Valkoor is the first in the WillowWeaver Dynasty to achieve the Grand Title of Commander. After defeating countless opponents, Valkoor finally found himself at the rank of Captain. Valkoor was stuck at that rank, for ah, 4 weeks. Finally, after long despair, he has become a Commander! Just getting the cut, Valkoor now owns 802 rank points! As you see above, he has about 470 tickets. Just three wins short of the infamous FootGear of the Indomitable. You hear me, I WILL get those boots if it's the last thing I do in my W101 Era! I'd like to thank "dapangrulez" from Wizard 101 Central for providing me the inspiration to become a PvP duelist again. Thanks!

Happy Dueling,
JR Blogger
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