Friday, January 15, 2010


Happy Friday!
Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've been quite busy arming Valkoor with the Footgear of the Indomitable! Above you see pictured, what all of us 2nd Generation Wizards have been waiting for. Another Triton robe! Woohoo! Unfortunately, I do not have enough crowns to purchase the infamous Robe of the Deep. Granting you 100 health, 4% power pips, 9% tough, 7% resist, and the Triton card, this new Crowns-only robe is a force to be reckoned with! I'm sure we'll all see many Wizards cloaked with this robe, now that is has FINALLY been released! As they say in Jaws, dun dun, dun don, dun don don don dun don! Or something like that . . .
-Jr blogger
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Anonymous said...

Seriously, Chase!
WHERE ARE YOU SEEING THESE!? I just get what's on Sale when I open up my Crowns Shop. Weird. Let us know your secret, man :)

Sr. Blogger said...

Great post!. Greetings from the frozen North. It is snowing but NOT flakes. Ice pellets are coming down from the sky. They are like little white peas. The weather report says that it is too cold for normal snow flakes so these pellets are coming down and making everything very slippppppppppery!
Sr. Blogger