Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red Flying Saucer or what??


Hi, this is SR Blogger. Some of the followers of MY2Cents may remember a post I made a few weeks ago. A mystery building made entirely of ice blocks was constructed in the shadow of the Nobel Peace Prize building in Oslo, Norway. After investigating the ice structure you know that I discovered it was built to call attention to the terrible earthquake that caused so much devastation and suffering in Haiti. I learned today that the ice building is still standing and in fact has not melted one bit! AND...inside I found this bright red object. I didn't know what it was at first but upon closer examination I found that it is a collection capsule. People are encouraged to donate some Norwegian money for the people of Haiti. By the way Norwegian money is name Kroner...or CROWNS !!! Hey, maybe this is where the Wizard101 crowns originate! :) It was nice to see the ice sculpture still standing to remind us all that those suffering people in Haiti are still having a rough time of it. I hope we all can do something to help them. I know that seeing this ice building certainly reminded me of their plight. That's My2Cents about it. Have a great weekend everyone. See you in the Spiral.

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