Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Dance!

To kick it off, I'd like to pay a little tribute to one of the most creative bloggers ever, Amber Stargem. Her blog, the Myth Master, was probably one of the most visited and loved blogs among the W101 Blogging Community. Sadly, Amber has quit blogging. Good luck with whatever you do now, Amber!

Next, like the title states, JUST DANCE! *Sings Lady GaGa or whoever* *Crowd throws tomatoes and whatnot at me* Okay, okay, sorry! I knew I was bad, but not that bad!!! In my little WC cottage, I have been experimenting with the housing bugs, and finally, after long waiting, I have discovered my own! Using a chess board and small rug, and using some "magic" I created a dance floor! My secret, you ask? Sorry, that is highly CONFIDENTIAL. My apologies. . . The thing is, actually, after I completed creating my first few dance floors, I totally forgot how to do it. Trust me, if I remembered, you guys would be the 1st people I would tell it to! No lie! Below you may observe my SICK dancing moves, which were asissted by Lady Rocky and Sally. Just Dance!



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