Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Good evening,

While hosting a "party" with Samantha Thunderdust, Dustin Mooncatcher, Donna Spellthorn, and numerous other wizards and witches, I finally discovered the rare Unicorn hallucination! This unicorn, which only may appear in the Small WC Cottage, is the topic of many threads in W101C. Apparently, the unicorn only appears for 10-15 seconds at a time, and only when the owner has been in his/her cottage for a while. Teasing Dustin, I announced that his Black Stallion Mount might actually have the chance to go on a date with the Unicorn, which I named Penelope. peh-nell-uh-pi Is how it is pronounced. I hope that all of you who own a WC Cottage, will not sell our cute, little, cheap, cottage because of this SICK glitch/bug. Happy unicorn hunting, as Voldemort from Harry Potter would say! (Just kidding Penelope!)

-Jr Blogger
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M.W.S said...

You have to farm that lady boss in Unicorn Way to get it btw... Anyway, congrats...