Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back in Action

Hi all (If anyone is still here)
I have finally decided to return to the blogging and Wizard101 Realm! After quite a long sabbatical, I believe now is the time for me to pick up the wand and continue casting.

While I was gone, quite a few notable things occurred in the Spiral. For one, Gardening, which I still have no idea how to do. Wintertusk, which I have not reached, and numerous Crowns items. I am now trying to level up in Celestia, and find myself battling through the Grotto. Additionally, I am trying to level up my pets, but to no avail. I wasted 2000 crowns on a Mega-Snack pack, and who knows how many on that new Dragon's Hoard. The only things worth their weight were 2 pairs of crown boots. Their stats are as follows:

DragonRider's Assailing Shoes:
130 Health
3% Power Pips
2% Accuracy
9% Tough
1 Polymorph Bandit card

Another pair of DragonRider's Assailing Shoes, but with different stats:
120 Health
6 Pet Energy Max
4% Power Pips
5% Accuracy
10 Critical Rating
1 Unstoppable Card

In my opinion, decent, but not worth it. I also received a Utility Dragon, with a Pedigree (?) of 63. It also had 3 Epic Talent Slots. "Nice," I said, proceeding to waste a Mega-Snack Pack to get the little Dragon to Teen. "Congratulations, your pet has leveled up to Teen," the screen read. And guess what talent I got? Myth Boost. I get 1% Myth boost for wasting a 2,000 Crown Snack Pack. Oh boy...

I have also been PvP-ing quite a bit, and have tried out a new strategy. Reading a guide by DerHund on WizzyCentral, I learned that small decks are better. Copying his exact specs and deck, I am now 5-1 in PvP. Thanks DerHund! I have been transferring your knowledge to my other Balance friends too! Thanks!

All in all, I'm attempting to catch up with the hustle-and-bustle of Wizarding that I missed out on for so long. I hope to see you all in the Spiral!



Pegasus7 said...

Welcome back!

M.W.S said...

Great to hear Chase. Glad your back.