Friday, December 4, 2009

Myth House!

Now it's time for, drumroll please, The Mighty Myth House! Bravo! **Clap* I have to say, the Myth House might have been my all time favorite School Themed Castle! Above you see Valkoor standing on a floating rainbow, singing the famous song: Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, from the Wizard of Oz. Unforunately, none of us seem to know any other lines, other than: "Somewhere, over the rainbow." :-) This small rainbow might have been my favorite part of the Myth Castle because of the beautiful color. The colors seem to perfectly blend in together, creating an almost natural effect. Great job KI Color People!
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Salvo verdi said...

Hey chase You might have read that I have started a petition to get the fire house "hotter" (GET IT?)anyway i was wandering if i could put your name down for it?

D.T aka Salvo Verdi