Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Level 1 Commander!?!?


Good morning! Or, God Morgen, as they say in the frozen north!
Hooray, Sr. Blogger is back home for the holidays! Recently, Sr. Blogger's flight back home was cancelled because of heavy snow on the runway. Anyway, the other day, I was PvP-ing on Chase, my Balance Captain, when I heard a commotion near the Practice Arena. "I Bolt, Bolt, and then Kraken, doh!" was screamed by an over-powered Novice! This little Theurgist, with the name of Chris Griffin, was clad in an Elegant Set of Elegant clothes. But, the boots he wore, seemed to stand out, and draw large attention. For, when I clicked on his avatar, and looked at his statistics, I was amazed to see that he wore Arena boots, but not just any Arena boots, the famed, FootGear of the Imdomitable! Large resist, large strength, and even accuracy, these boots are a must-have for all Arena Duelers. Apparently, this Novice gained his rank, and gear by Wild Bolting, and Kraken-ing! Is Wild Bolt fair for a Novice to wield? No, I should think. Although his chain-bolting, I praise Chris Griffin for his strength in battle, and his AWESOME BOOTS! -Chase
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bathmate said...

Good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.

David TitanRider said...

I know exactly how he did it.....
One of my friends gave me cards to give to her novice kinda character so then she would use these high powered cards in the arena to totally irradicate the other little novices.

My2Cents said...

Woah, Bathmate! You're the first commentator that I, Jr Blogger do not know! Wow, it's nice to know that we have some readers of this blog.