Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!
First of all, we'd like THANK all of our fantastic readers for such a productive year! I hope all of you, good or bad, received something other than coal from Santa Claus! This year, I received a MOUNTAIN of gifts from family and of course, Santa, including:

1. Two Gift Cards for Supportive WildClaws, and 20,000 crowns!
2. A kick-off tee to enhance my football kicking
3. An Amazon Kindle. (I've wanted it all year)
4. The Lego Star Wars Book
5. Lego Atlantis, and Lego Starwars sets
6. The Duck Hunter Game
7. Republic Heroes, and Wii Sports Resort for the Wii
8. A "Sky-ball" which supposedly bounces up to heights of 75 feet!
9. An, Everything Flies set, which houses many different types of flying machines
10. Guiness Books of World Records 2010!
11. A CD of the Beatles songs! I absolutely love the song: StrawBerry Fields Forever!
12. A Betta Fish! I named him Prince ;)
13. Clothes for my stuffed animal, Chippy the Monkey
14. Sets of card board pieces that you use to build items
15. A little tree ornament from my parents that pictures me holding my Tennis racket!
16. A "Find it" Game in which you look for things inside of a plastic filled tube
17. The Eye-Clops
18. Magnetic Crossword puzzles
19. Fiki finger football
20. Love from my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all of you guys loved your gifts as much as I did, and Happy Holidays from the My2Cents Family!!! -Chase
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